Character Titles Main Cast


Framed Laeka'Draeon

Laeka’Draeon is the main protagonist in the Dragon Calling series. With his affable, inquisitive disposition, he exudes an uncommon magnetism to all who cross his path. Due to his memory loss, he is rather naive but is an eager advocate for knowledge, and quick to learn. Although courageous and committed, Laeka’Draeon has a tendency to act brashly, especially when danger threatens. He can also be careless at times, having no true perception of just how valuable he actually is. Where he assigns value is not in himself, but in others, and as a result, he is unshakably loyal.




Framed Fargo Fargo is a secretive, phantom-like entity, manifested in the shape of a winged reptile. It is the first creature to show no fear of Laeka’Draeon after his awakening and appears oddly possessive of the young dragon; following him like a second shadow. It is odd in its behaviour and obscure in its intentions, although one thing is certain: it wants Laeka’Draeon to help it find something. Something very important.





Framed Ubi Cheerful, caring and graceful, Ubi is the youngest filly in her herd, and heir to the unicorn’s Goldling inheritance. Although naturally inclined towards compassion, Ubi’s self-expression is not always obliging; she has a tendency to be stubborn and has a low tolerance for rudeness and sarcasm. Even still, her predisposition for willful behaviour is also one of her greatest assets as it fuels the perseverance behind her efforts in helping others.





Framed Norf Sarcastic, hot-headed and loud, Norf’s disposition is likely to test the patience of everyone who interacts with him. Self-confident and relatively knowledgeable, Norf knows how to enjoy himself, regardless of the situation, even if what he says does not always line up with an optimistic outlook. Although sometimes overbearing and selfish, Norf is steadfast when occasions call for it and is a trustworthy confidant to all his companions.





Framed Shifra Raised in a strict and sacredly traditional environment, Shifra’s more serious traits were honed to stifling efficiency. Her respect of self is neutral; she considers the life and actions of an individual valuable but not beyond sacrifice if a greater cause requires it. Despite her frosty disposition, Shifra is sensible, intelligent, and fervent in her beliefs. And once trust is earned, her tenacity and devotion is unshakable.





Framed Ghinzel Full of artless curiosity and cheer, Ghinzel views the world beyond his village as a great adventure waiting to be undertaken. Though naïve to the complexities and deceptions that often plague life, he is no stranger to violence or danger, having been raised in a village surrounded by perilous marshlands. Though he struggles with his sense of worth and adequacy, Ghinzel’s determined and adaptable spirit helps keep him actively striving toward his dream of becoming a renowned “Magician Adventurer”.




Framed Yarad A stoic and brooding individual, Yarad shows little emotion, though it is clear to those who look closely that he feels with a deep—and sometimes ferocious—intensity. Not one for indulging in idle conversation, Yarad speaks only when he feels it necessary, and will oftentimes appear disinterested in social interactions and connections—though such appearances are often deceiving; Yarad is as perceptive as he is enigmatic. A hemlan with uncommon magical prowess and undisclosed intentions, Yarad is not an individual to be trifled with … though once his trust and respect is earned, it becomes unbreakable.




Character Titles Support Cast


Framed Opal Eyes This strange hemlan boy confronts Laeka’Draeon, compelling him to search for the others of his kind, but giving him little else to go on. He also makes an appearance in Laeka’Draeon’s dreams. Unknown in true intention and origin, and recognised only as “Opal Eyes”, the hemlan seems strongly linked to Laeka’Draeon’s past in one way or another. Whether that connection will be learned in something only the young dragon can discover.





Framed Cab and Taijorn

Confident and charismatic, Cab sees the world in a straightforward manner and approaches life accordingly. He dislikes spontaneity and obsessive behaviour, which is odd considering his best friend is both artless and compulsive.
He is well trained in the art of combat, though he finds conflict tiresome and prefers resolving issues with his sharp tongue.
Taijorn is even-tempered and cheerful, although his inattention to the moods of others often has him wrongly labelled a dimwit.
While not the most sensible, Taijorn is sincere in his feelings and expressions, and by nature, an extremely compassionate individual, with a love of life and all its curiosities.


Framed Maikor

As expected of a mifflin, Maikor is habitually obliging and selfless. Although not a deep thinker nor exceptionally skilled, Maikor is consistently diligent and quietly sensible—approaching given tasks wholeheartedly, and without complaint.
Due to his dependable nature and willingness to serve, Maikor has a notable standing within his tribe and a respected reputation among the members of the Half-Moon Hunt Patrol. Not one to enjoy his own company, Maikor reverts to a shy, insecure individual if left alone, though within a group environment his enthusiasm and courage shines through.



Framed Belzor Talented and charismatic from a young age, Belzor is loved by all who know him. His inborn magical prowess and captivating presence has disarmed many a skeptical attitude, and his humility has earned him respect amongst vassals and superiors alike. Child-like at heart, Belzor enjoys simplicity and close companionship. His love of life nourishes his blithe sense of humour, although due to his short attention span, he has a tendency to miscommunicate and forget things he does not consider essential to the moment.




Framed Maewren

Eloquent, elegant, and serene, Maewren is considered to be—in the shared opinion of many—the poetic epitome of centauride beauty; though due to her modest temperament such compliments have never swayed her to vanity.
The daughter of high-standing parents, Maewren pursued the calling as a disciple to the Misht’thurelin to appease her family, but her love and exceptional skill in art and archery are her own.





Framed Megandel Governed by a heart of gentleness and a powerful prophetic gifting, Lady Megandel is one of the most beloved and revered monarchs of the present Age. Imbued with the whispered knowledge of the Elder Trees, the faerie queen’s wisdom and heightened intuition is unmatched by any living sovereignty or sage. Though Lady Megandel uses her influence to promote peace across the kingdoms of Valadae, her priority remains with her kin, and the endangered realm they inhabit.





Framed Lume Having lived an adventurous but trying life, Lume chose to spend her twilight spans in peaceful isolation, away from the notions and complexities of her own kind’s society. Armed with a sharp wit, prudent fearlessness, and no-nonsense outlook, Lume has effectively established her independence as a hermit living in a forest full of dangerous magic. Though not one for curiosity or nosing in the business of others, Lume’s quiescent motherly nature ungrudgingly stirs for those in need of help.





Character Titles Antagonists


Framed Vagel Volten Vagel is one of the Holds most loyal, self-possessed members. His brutal disposition is only outmatched by his cunning and vigilance, which is far superior to that of an average hobgoblin. He was appointed a position within the Hold as First Captain, from which he commands half the ghoshmyl battle mounts. While cruel and unremitting, Vagel also knows the benefits of adaption, alliance and patience, which makes him one of the most lethal warriors under the service of the Hongrin Priest.




Framed Hongrin Priest Leader of the Hold, and perpetrator of Sadukravon’s will, Ikorveil is the most influential hobgoblin in Beruun Terrolaghn. Sentydes of unnatural and torturous magic manipulations have transformed Ikorveil into a powerful sorcerer with an unnaturally prolonged lifespan. A tyrant by all accounts, the Hongrin Priest rules through mind manipulations, ruthless punishment, and fear. His mind is twisted to wicked malice, and driven by delusions of returning his creature-kind to their former glory. Bound to the will of his manticor master, he will stop at nothing to see Sadukravon’s ambitions fulfilled.



Framed Mor'tuthra Mor’tuthra is a vel-spectre: a creature of mysterious customs and unpredictable intentions. A member of the Cardinal Coterie, Mor’tuthra and other emissaries like him were assigned to the various divisions of the Hold after Sadukravon secured an alliance with the vel-spectre Queen. Though compliant to his hobgoblin partner—Volten Vagel—Mor’tuthra retains a clandestine pretence, leaving those around him questioning his true thoughts and motives. Calm, collected, and potentially duplicitous, Mor’tuthra enjoys observing the calculating actions of others, while downplaying his own manipulative methods and conceited disposition.



Framed Sadukravon Endowed with an incredibly patient and cunning disposition, Sadukravon has spent sentydes accumulating power and strategizing his vengeful plans against an unwary Valadae. His surface motives burn bright and fierce as his hatred: enact revenge against those who destroyed his kind during the War of Shores. But beneath his vengeful veneer lurks a deeper, darker desire; one he is willing to enslave entire creature-kinds, and disrupt the balance of the world’s energies, to secure.




Framed Fordon Leader of the infamous Shade Sender mercenaries, Fordon’s cool, decisive disposition heightens his naturally authoritative personality. Though swift to take action, Fordon’s intelligence lends him the tactical advantage in almost any task or situation he undertakes; quick with his hands, as well as his mind. Though he understands the trauma and suffering his past and present actions have inflicted on others, he remains apathetic, even uncaring, though he is not beyond reason, and will concede to negotiations if it benefits him and his crew; falling back on extreme measures (such as murder and plundering) as a last resort.



Framed Gharth Though unassuming and taciturn in nature, Gharth’s adeptness in combat and his ability to accurately read others through tone of voice and body language gives him a subtle and unspoken sway over those in his company. Gharth is an intelligent and observant individual, though there is a deep-seated resentment seething beneath his calm countenance that occasionally seeps through the stern stare of his blood-wood brown eyes. Gharth is a hemlan in pursuit of dangerous secrets, and it is clear he has some of his own.




Framed Az-Thorz

A creature of intoxicating magnificence and exorbitant pride, Az-Thorz delights in wielding his powers of charm and illusion over others. He is drawn to beautiful things, and covets the diverse abilities of other Denin creatures. The youngest of his Sire’s offspring, Az-Thorz flaunts equal bursts of obstinacy and arrogance. Though raised with the elite ritualistic teachings of his creature-kind, Az-Thorz has little regard for such strict creeds, as his ideals lean toward rebellious self-indulgence.
It is Az-Thorz’ pride and discontent of his present status that turn him to Corruption—with the aid of Sadukravon’s furtive influence—in order to increase his strength and magic.



Framed Kushal A prodigy in the arts of pixie-cat magic mastery, Kushal is the youngest cat to be made a Master of Magic. In addition to his naturally exceptional talents, his sharp mind and manipulative disposition have earned him repute throughout every pixie-cat clan of Howling. Kushal’s haughtiness and deviousness are the epitome of traits admired most by the general populace of pixie-cat kind and as such he gleans nothing but praise and encouragement for every crafty act he performs.










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