Lonely the Wolf

Lonely the Wolf is a fully illustrated storybook about a playful, dreamy wolf named, Lonely, who behaves differently to all the other wolves in Fablewood forest. Because of this, she has trouble with her self confidence in trying to make new friends.

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Lonely is a wolf who behaves in very un-wolfish ways.

The other animals of Fabelwood celebrate the New Moon Festival together. But Lonely does not join in, convinced by the Shadow Wolf that her strangeness will make everyone laugh at her.

But all she wants is to not be alone anymore.

Can Lonely overcome self-doubt and find her place amongst the rest of Fablewood’s animals?

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Lonely the Wolf has fifteen beautifully bright and expressive illustrations accompanying the story. The book is aimed at early readers, ages 5 – 8, but makes for excellent reading-time material for parents with younger children, too.


The book is available at numerous online retailers, but you can order copies of the book directly, at the Lonely the Wolf sub store. Additional (limited supply) merch is also available, too!

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