Prologue Comics

There are many strange and unique characters that Laeka’Draeon meets on his adventures. In the books, you encounter each new character as Laeka’Draeon encounters them. But, have you ever wondered about it being the other way around? Have you been curious about what the other characters were doing leading up to their first encounter with the courageous, young dragon? And if you’ve never wondered about that, I bet you’re wondering now, right?

Well, here is your chance to find out!

Below you will find prologues of various characters you meet in the Dragon Calling series, as I complete them and upload them onto the website. The neat twist on these little intros is that they’re done as comics!

The complete set from KIN SEEKER (Book One of Dragon Calling), and THE BEACON THRONES (Book Two) are now available for viewing. Enjoy!


Cab and Taijorn’s Prologue

Cab and Taijorn Cover (853x1280)Find out what Cab and Taijorn were doing during the days leading up to their unexpected and unforgettable encounter with Laeka’Draeon.






Ubi’s Prologue

Ubi Comic Cover (850x1280)Discover how the days following Ubi’s rebellious decision lead her to cross paths with a brave, young dragon, and subsequently change her life forever.






Norf’s Prologue

Norf Comic Cover 1 (853x1280)See what Norf got up to the day before the infamous Half-moon Hunt, where his night out on patrol climaxes with an unforgettable encounter.






Belzor’s Prologue

Belzor Comic Cover (854x1280)See how an unexpected disruption in Belzor’s routine activities leads him to the fateful rescue of the last dragon in Valadae.






Shifra’s Prologue

shifra-comic-cover-853x1280Witness Shifra’s harrowing journey to reach the faerie queen ahead of her pursuers, and discover the source of the mysterious pull that leads Laeka’Draeon to her rescue.






Wall-watcher’s Prologue

wall-watcher-comic-cover-854x1280Catch a rare glimpse into the movements of a Raegelian wall-watcher as it senses the encroaching taint of the hobgoblins, and takes action at the behest of the trees which ultimately sets its path to cross Laeka’Draeon’s.






Ghinzel’s Prologue

ghinzel-comic-cover-2-853x1280Discover Ghinzel’s terrible mistake which sets in motion his travels through Mistwood, and subsequently his life-changing encounter with Laeka’Draeon and his companions.


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