Print-and-Colour Line Art

Welcome to the Line Art page!

Here, you will find line art of creatures and characters from the Dragon Calling series, which you are welcome to print and colour to your hearts content!

More will be added as time goes on, but feel free to make requests if there is a particular character you would like to print off and colour for your personal collection.

NOTE: To print the images, simply save them to a personal folder on your computer, open in whatever program you normally use for pictures/ images, then click print! Easy!

  • Images are set to the standard A4 paper dimensions.


NOTE: These pictures are free to use for individual purposes (such as colouring, collecting, pinning on personal walls, books, folders etc). Do not use images for commercial or promotional purposes. If you wish to use images for things like school projects or shirt/ accessory designs, please ask (and wait for) permission from the artist (you can send through a message via the contact form).