LAUNCH DAY for The Last Calling!

“Every journey has a destination point, and every story an end. But through every point the road winds on, and after every ending something begins again.”

— N. R. Eccles-Smith

This is it, the LAUNCH DAY of The Last Calling, the final book in the Dragon Calling series!


The series has come to its epic conclusion; the first seeds of the story having been sown seventeen years ago. It still hasn’t sunk in that this is it. The final book is here. It’s here for the world’s dragon-seekers to finally hold the key to the chest of secrets, conclusions, revelations, and closures that I’ve kept locked up for so many years.

It’s time to get excited!


I now have the series available in three different formats: eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover. In my honest option, the hardcovers are my favourite. Maybe that’s because they’re the most recent format to be introduced; still new and shiny! … Or more likely it’s because of those sweet sweet covers.

Cooooooool Covers!

Anyway, Book 5 is here! Now! Ready for readers to devour! You can grab your copy from the website’s ‘shop’ or from any online bookstore retailer! Amazon is the only platform where the eBooks can be purchased, though.

Time to get swept up in the final, thrilling instalment!

Here are some links for easy navigation to where you can buy the book!






There are many more bookstores that will have Book 5 available (e.g. Booktopia, Koorong, Fishpond) once their sites are updated with the metadata of the launch day. Keep an eye out, or make a direct request.

And remember, if you’re not a book collector, you can also request your local library to stock any of the Dragon Calling books! This way, you’d be supporting libraries AND independent authors (aka, moi).

So, what are you waiting for?

Time to FLY into the next (and final) Dragon Calling adventure!

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Get Ready for the Epic Conclusion to the Dragon Calling Series!

After once again abandoning my blog posting for far too long (albeit for a very good reason, of which I am about to share) I have some exciting news for all you Dragon-Seekers out there …

THE LAST CALLING has an official release date: NOVERMBER 13TH, 2020.


This is actually older news which those of you who follow the facebook page would be aware of by now. However, I’ve been so busy getting the books (eBook, paperback & hardcover versions) ready for publication, I haven’t had time to actually write a proper blog post about it.

Until now, as you can see. 😉

For those who have read the series up until now, I hope you are in as much anticipation for the conclusion to the story, as I am in finally being able to share it with you all.

I’m SO excited to finally share this with you all!

This has been an incredible, wonderful, tearful and painful journey, for Laeka’Draeon and friends, and for me as well.

I’ve been working on the Dragon Calling series for seventeen years. Seventeen! I’ve lived with, loved, and known these fictional characters longer than some of my real-life relationships. I still can’t quite believe it’s time to finally bid farewell. A fond one, most certainly, but also a farewell that will probably leave a quiet and wistful sadness in its wake, after all is said and done and officially finalised.

I turn at last to paths that lead home … I will say this last goodbye …

Well, let’s delve into some details about the book, shall we?

Book 5 of the Dragon Calling series is the final chapter of the story. All big revelations will be unveiled, and all important character arcs given a (hopefully satisfying) conclusion.

It’s the largest book in the series, coming in at a rather hefty 166, 500 words (closest approximation that excludes the glossary, copyright page, author page and acknowledgments).

I did not deliberately aim for the book to be bigger than all the others; only as big as I needed it to be in order to bring the story around to its full and satisfying closure. BUT, since the book is the largest that officially makes the series consecutive in their sizes, from smallest to largest, in order. Nice.

Now, I’ve finished the covers for both the paperback and hardcover (I literally finished the hardcover one today), deciding in the end to go with the light aqua tone for the title, instead of the original purple. While I really like both, and chose the purple initially because it appeared to stand out better onscreen, I realised that the aqua would actually print better and clearer than the purple (even though it doesn’t look quite as clear onscreen). The hardcover has a similar hue, but more subtle, as the font is completely different (an eye-catching SVG font, which unfortunately has only a limited number of colour options). But still, I am happy with the colours.

Now, for the book’s blurb:

“At last I can show you. At last you will see the truth that has brought us all to this desperate brink. The truth of the dragons and their calling.”

Three Beacon Thrones are restored. One remains.
With a new revelation on the dragons, Laeka’Draeon is at last closing in on uncovering the mystery of their disappearance.
Sadukravon’s hordes have struck the first blow against Valadae, forcing the allied kingdoms to launch a Second Gathering. But without the might of the dragons or the magic of Klonnoth Aire, the first counter-attack could be Valadae’s last.
Laeka’Draeon and his companions undertake their final trials under a terrible weight of urgency, coming face-to-face with astonishing discoveries and devastating truths.
All mysteries will unravel under the looming shadow of a battle that will shape the future of Valadae and all its creature-kinds.

The suspense is REAL!

The books are available for PRE-ORDER! If you’re interested in helping to generate online buzz for the book, be sure to pre-order the eBook version, as that will really help boost visibility of the series, once the book launches.

If you pre-order a paperback or hardcover version of the book, via my website store, you’ll receive a FREE postcard print, personally signed.

Featuring Fargo and Opal Eyes!

OR, you can also pre-order the COMPLETE SET of Dragon Calling books! This option is perfect for new Dragon-Seekers, collectors, or for readers who like to read series only when they’re completed. There’s an option to buy either the Paperback Set, or the Hardcover Set. If you PRE-ORDER any of the sets, you’ll also get a FREE set of The Last Calling character posters (both the allies and enemies versions, in A3 size, personally signed!)

Of course, you always have the option to wait until the book releases, before you buy it. In that case, you’ll be able to purchase the book at any of your fav online book stores (Book depository, Booktopia, Amazon etc). Unfortunately, those orders won’t be able to be signed copies; and any books purchased on or after the release date via the website store, will also not be signed. SO, if you like signed copies, pre-ordering is your best option! 🙂

This is it … only a few weeks to go before you can find out how the Dragon Calling Series ends!

If you have any questions, just shoot through a query via this contact form!

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Happy Launch Day, Lonely!

It’s not easy stepping out of your comfort zone, but in the pursuit of a good thing, courage is always rewarded.

As Lonely the wolf finds out in her debut book!

Launch Day Lonely 2

My first illustrated children’s book under the publishing banner, Starsea Press, has LAUNCHED! Lonely the Wolf follows a dreamy, playful wolf named Lonely, who prefers to keep to herself due to her un-wolfish behaviours. But she comes to the realisation that avoiding others for fear of being ridiculed is not the way to a happy life.

The book is aimed at ages 5-8, and touches on themes like:

  • Being okay with being different
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Breaking free of self-doubt
  • Finding ‘your pack’ in new friends

All that from a children’s book, you may ask? But of course! Children’s books are often rich in messages that encourage and inspire and help children to think and learn. As all books should! 🙂

Lonely the Wolf Front Cover Thorpe Bowker Bigger

Lonely the Wolf is available through all major online retailers in both casebound and eBook formats. You can also order the book directly from this website. If you are wanting a signed copy, the only way (at this time) is to order a Complete Goodies Pack. The bundle comes with a copy of the book (which I can sign), along with a double-sided cotton tote bag, x2 badges, x2 sheets of matte vinyl stickers (premium quality), a postcard and an A4 print.



Here are some other links to where you can make a purchase (retailers are Book Depository and Smashwords, respectively).

Lonely Buy Now Casebound tab

Lonely Buy Now Ebook tab


If you have any questions about the book (or me, the author), feel free to send a message via the contact form! I am very excited to finally share Lonely’s story with you all. I hope you enjoy meeting her!

Lonely the Wolf Head


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Lonely the Wolf is Finally Coming!


Some exciting news, Dragon-Seekers and Web-Wanderers! My illustrated children’s book, Lonely the Wolf, is finally making its debut into the world; official release date now set!



Lonely is a wolf who behaves in very un-wolfish ways.

The other animals of Fabelwood celebrate the New Moon Festival together. But Lonely does not join in, convinced by the Shadow Wolf that her strangeness will make everyone laugh at her.

But all she wants is to not be alone anymore.

Can Lonely overcome self-doubt and find her place amongst the rest of Fablewood’s animals?

The book is a 42-page casebound with gloss finish. The story is complete at approx 700 words, and 15 full-page, brightly coloured illustrations; aimed at ages 5-8, and introduces some wonderful, expressive words (like celebrating, glistened, discouraged, excited, and twinkled). The story would make a great book for parents to read to younger children as well.

As some of you may know (and likely some don’t) back in 2018, I was inspired to write and illustrate a particular story that had bounded its way into my head (and heart). I spent 6 months working on the project (in-between all my usual Dragon Calling stuff) including getting the cover designed, the book professionally edited, and the content formatted for an 8.5×11 casebound sized book.

Then … I set it aside, not really sure what I wanted to do with it, or when.

And so, I continued with my Dragon Calling projects for the rest of the year, and on through 2019, and the beginning of 2020 … when, at last, I finished the draft of the final book in the series.

As I set the draft aside to rest (from doing self-edits) and also getting it A4-printed for some Alpha Readers (readers who proof a book before it goes to the editor), I looked back on the Lonely project and felt the warm spark of inspiration stir again.

I considered the current stages of my writing and illustration projects …

Book 5 of the Dragon Calling series likely wouldn’t be ready for publication until near the end of the year. But Lonely the Wolf was pretty much complete! All it needed was some promo material put together, online shop set up for pre-orders, the book information logged into the necessary databases, and the book itself uploaded and prepped for POD (Print on Demand).

And so, off I went, digging my way through my assigned tasks in order to get Lonely the Wolf ready for publication by mid-year.

And now … it’s just about ready! After going over the physical proof copy, only a few minor things needed to be fixed, so I re-submitted. Once I receive the second proof copy and confirm the changes are to my satisfaction, the book will get the green light through its POD source and will be ready for pre-orders via international distribution outlets.

But right now, the book is officially available for PRE-ORDER directly through me, via the Lonely the Wolf Shop, right here on this website!

You can purchase a book on its owned (which I will sign) OR …

There are also special Lonely the Wolf Goodie Packs. The packs will include:

  • x1 Lonely the Wolf, signed casebound book
  • x1 Lonely the Wolf tote bag
  • x1 A4 poster
  • x1 A5 postcard
  • x2 badges (32mm)
  • x2 sticker sheets

The Goodie Packs will be a limited stock purchase (I plan to compile only 50 packs). So, it’s important that if you want the extra goodies along with the book, you need to pre-order!

You can order the books and the goodie packs HERE or just click the image below:


I hope you’re looking forward to meeting Lonely, as much as I am to finally introducing her to the world! 🙂

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In the Dark, but Not Alone

“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.”    – Galadriel (The Lord of the Rings)


The world is changed. In a way that none of us has ever experienced before.

Darkness has reached across the globe in a great spreading, swallowing normality, stability, freedoms, and certainties.

We withdraw into the imposed lockdowns and self-quarantines, flabbergasted and aggrieved. We reel, wondering what changes, losses, and troubles the next day will unveil.

Those of us fortunate enough to not be working the front lines of this pandemic, and to not be directly impacted by its horrors, are left only to imagine the additional stresses and sorrows heaped upon the shoulders of those who are, on top of everything else.

own photo quote 4

But, while it is easy to get swept up in the volatile emotions engulfing both the real and digital, world, this is not the time to leave yourself unanchored and fear-fed.

We are, universally, walking a troubled path, but let it be (and stir with greater resounding) that we walk not alone. We may not be able to walk hand-in-hand (literally!), but, spirit-to-spirit, heart-to-heart, we most certainly can. And that unification is by far the more powerful of the joinings.

We are in the dark of this pandemic, but we are not alone.

You are not alone.

And this darkness will not last.

movie quote lord of the rings 2

This darkness is indeed a vast and hungry thing, but it has not devoured what truly matters. The light, the hope, the courage that each of us has burning in our hearts (however small or large the flame, it is there).

My words may be sappy, but I hope you find yourself encouraged by them nonetheless. And I also hope that, in spite of these troubled times, you are inspired to feed the light inside of you, enough to keep yourself aglow in the dark, as well as brighten others whose lights may be in need of a greater strength.

Just as rapidly as this pandemic (and the awful proliferation of fear) has spread, we have the power to spread hope and help.

Own quote 13 (2)

Please, feel free to share the image-quotes with anyone you feel may be encouraged by them. I put together the quotes for my patrons on Patreon, but felt to share them here, in the hopes they remind you of the importance of keeping your eyes on the light, no matter how deep the darkness surrounding you.

Take courage, stay safe, and keep your hope alight!

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Special Rafflecopter Giveaway

Greetings to all you Dragon-Seekers and Web-Wanderers!

Today I have a special treat for you (particularly all you Dragon Calling fans): my very first Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Giveaway pic (1024x911)

Who doesn’t love a giveaway, right?

Although I will give a heads up to my wonderful web-wanderers that the one mandatory entry for this giveaway is to review x2 of the Dragon Calling books on Amazon. The reason? Well, it’s pretty clear: the books need some review love! I know a lot of people who have read the books and loved them, but the truth is that hasn’t been well-reflected on the Amazon sites.

And, believe it or not, reviews do make a difference; especially when it comes to the books’ visibility.

If dragon-seekers don’t see the books when browsing through the digital libraries, they won’t know they exist.

Or if they do stumble upon the books, but see that there are few-to-no reviews, they may wonder why and give the books a miss.

Cue author sorrow.

It’s the rain, I swear. *sniff*

But I shall not give in to despair (just yet).

I have you guys! Those of you who are official Dragon Calling Fans; who have read the books, and loved them, and perhaps just haven’t gotten around to leaving a positive review (though a massive THANK YOU to those of you who have already).

Perhaps you just don’t leave reviews for products you purchase (books included). Or maybe you’re not sure how (it’s really easy!).

cat begging gif

Reviews Puurty Please?

Whatever the reason, I hope this rafflecopter prize package is something that might inspire you to perhaps step out and do something out of your normal things-to-do (although, a lot of people’s things-to-do routines are being shredded at the moment … no need to mention why *cough* virus outbreak *cough*).

Aaaanyway, let’s look at what I’m offering in the giveaway:

Etsy Dragon Photo 1

Prize No. 1 is an awesome, Limited Edition plushie of Laeka’Draeon–the main character of the series! I designed him myself and then teamed up with Custom Toys UK to get a limited run produced. He is 45cm x 29cm, made of polyester (is super soft, well-stuffed, and has semi-posable wings) and comes with custom tags, which I have personally signed. He could easily have pride-of-place in any dragon-lovers hoard! Perhaps he will make his way into yours?

Prize No. 2 is a postcard collection of the Dragon Calling Characters Special Ghibli Edition. The images are of the main Dragon Calling group, done in watercoloured Ghibli-style. The currently displayed images are not of the final postcard format but the postcards will look similar. Plus, the winner of this raffle will be the first to receive these special illustrations (as they have never been available for sale).

Prize No. 3 is the Winner’s choice of one of the two currently available Companion Guides. The book is a fully-illustrated paperback, signed by yours truly. 🙂

SO, how does that sound for a prize package? Awesome, right? Yes, of course! 😉

The raffle will run from today to the 31st of March, and the winner will be chosen at random, plus, eh … well, all that info is available in the Terms and Conditions via the rafflecopter page itself. Click on the rafflecopter entry link below to find out more (and to enter).

I would love your support in getting some more reviews, and I’m sure you’d love to be the one to win this great prize package!

please gif

Take part in this great giveaway!

The best of luck with your entries! And be sure to share it around to other dragon-seekers. If this ends up being successful, I will most certainly do more awesome giveaways in the future.

Thank you in advance for sending some book-ish love my way.

Giveaway this this-a-way:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Return of Dragon Calling Characters: POP Vinyl Style!


waiting skeleton

Me … waiting for the motivation/ inspiration to blog again


Wow, it’s been a while since my last blog post.

That’s not to say blogging has not been on my mind (or not on my list of things to get back on track) … it just hasn’t been a priority.

My Bad!

BUT, 2020 is still fresh off the launch pad (relatively), and now’s as good a time as any to kick my butt into gear and get a-bloggin’ again!

To blow away the cobwebs and oil the squeaky blog cogs, I’m going for something FAMILIAR and FUN!

Back in 2015, I launched THIS SUPER CUTE POST.

Then, in 2017, I launched part two of the SUPER CUTENESS.

Wel … it’s time for part three …


Even after all these years, POP Vinyls have not diminished in POPularity (eh … I couldn’t help myself). Not only does Funko host a world-dominating number of characters from TV series, books, movies, comics and games, BUT they just keep expanding their empire with famous musicians, actors, groups, sports teams, and celebrities of every kind and calibre. I’m starting to think Funko plans to eventually POP the entire world. It really is quite extraordinarily expansive.

Now, if only they would hurry up and POP Vinyl the Dragon Calling cast. Including this next set of characters! 😉

Enjoy the third batch of cuteness!

This Batch Includes:

Doriel and Laurana (Centaurs) introduced in Book 4
Ametrine and Moldav (Hippogriffs) introduced in Book 4
Dirk and Tappala (Duard and Wescat) introduced in Book 4
Pyralis and Ourntar (Nymph and Soujor) introduced in Book 2
Thrawn and Az-Thorz (Chimera and Water Horse) introduced in Book 3 and Book 2
Fordon and Hulborne (Hemlans) introduced in Book 2
Fals and Curdilis (Hemlans) introduced in Book 2


DC Pop Vinyl Concept Doriel and LauranaDC Pop Vinyl Concept Art Ametrine and Moldav

DC Pop Vinyl Concept Art Dirk and Tappala

DC Pop Vinyl Concept Art Pyralis and Ourntar

DC Pop Vinyl Concept Art Thrawn and Az-Thorz

DC Pop Vinyl Concept Art Fordon and Hulborne

DC Pop Vinyl Concept Art Fals and Curdilis

Let me know what you think! Which are your favourites? Which ones would you add to your Pop Vinyl collection? Are there any characters not here that you would like to see turned into Pop Vinyl figurine designs?

I’ve actually got a bunch more characters ALREADY designed! But I’ll spread the collection over future POP Vinyl posts. I wonder what will come next?


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Prowling the Prose – Description: Voice

“Use no superfluous word, no adjective, which does not reveal something.”
– Ezra Pound


Well, well, well, web-wanderers, I am glad to see you indulging the more well-pleasing traits of your curious meanderings, and coming to this site to educate and inspire yourself with my werecat musings.

whim werecat lying down pose

For I, the Whimsical Werecat, have returned with another Prose Poster from my invaluable collection to share with you mangy miscreants, ah, ahem, marvellous mortals.

I have for you on this occasion, a fun and flavoursome list of descriptive words; adjectives, if you must use the proper term, but so many of you humans seem to hiss and shy from adjectives, when really, all you need is to know how to wield their splendour in the proper manner.

Behold, some colourful and vibrant words to describe the voice!

I know you are grateful for such an invaluable compilation.

You’re welcome.

prowling the prose description voice

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Patreon Anniversary – Content Sneak Peeks!

July 12th.

The date will officially mark the 1st anniversary of my Patreon Creator Page. Page? Site? Corner? Nook? Whatever the correct terminology, my Patreon Page where I post a bunch of extra content and neat exclusives for those who have chosen to become my Patrons (Patron = amazing, awesome, special, generous person who really enjoys my work and wants to invest in it to continue seeing it seed, blossom and bear fruit).

SO, with the anniversary coming up (so fast! How has it been an entire year?!), I thought I’d share with the general populace, and my awesome Dragon-seeking Subscribers, a little of what I do over on Patreon; the content I share, and other etcs 😉


On (most) Monday’s I post a Weekly Inspiration Quote, and add my own two cents of thoughts to help inspire and encourage my Patrons as the new week commences (though, technically, the new week starts on a Sunday *shrugs*).

I alternate between movie/ series quotes & quotes from real people. Movie quotes get placed with a respective image from said movie/ series, and the real-people quotes with photos that I have taken myself. I create all the quotes on Canva, and never use quoted images put together by other people.

movie quote legend of aang 2

Example of a Movie/ Series Quote

own photo quote 1

Example of a Real Life/ Photo Quote

So, something nice to boost into people’s lives at the beginning of their weeks.

Throughout the week I will post one or two things of varying medium; a picture or a link or a snippet of some current WIP; a piece from an artwork collection or themed project, or just story content ideas and sneak peeks.


commission cat noir and ladybug sneak peek

Sneak Peek of WIP Art Pieces!


DC Pop Vinyl Concept Art Eminroth and Dontriavien

FUN Side Projects – like my DC POP Designs!


Profile Ametrine

My most recently completed Character Profile (an on-going project)


There are also some pretty neat exclusives which I put up from time to time, including the Creative Clouds, Author Trivia, and The Antics of a Gamer Geek Author comics.


Creative Clouds is fun and unique in that it gives Patrons insight into how my mind sees things. And clouds are an especially malleable object to gleam inspiration from. It also gives Patrons an opportunity to snap of shot of their own cloud images which they are welcome to send to me so I can add it to the pile of future Creative Clouds.

Creative Clouds Majestic Lion

Creating Art from Clouds!


Author Trivia is something I schedule for Fridays, and is simply some fun little bonus content about me as an author/ geek/ human being etc. Every Friday is a different Fun Fact, and is given from the POV of myself, my sister, or one of my cats (just to keep things interesting! 😉 ).

N Trivia Tidbit 2

A little Fun Fact about me/ my life every week!


The Antics of a Gamer Geek Author are less frequent (I create them only when I have the time), but still a fun addition to my Patreon Page, and exclusive to the mid-to-higher tiered Patrons. Basically, something interesting or hilarious happens in my life in a sequence worthy of a comic strip and … voila! I immortalise it!

Antics of N 1.1

Comics about Real Life Incidents? YES!


As if all of that is not enough cool stuff to check out, I also (try) to do fortnightly Discord Chats (where Patrons can hop on over to the Dragon Calling chat room and talk and ask questions and basically just chill out with me and other Patrons).

There are other more personal rewards too, like acknowledgements in future completed projects (see the acknowledgements page on this site). Such acknowledgements will also be included in any future completed novels.

The highest tiered Patrons also receive a monthly gift in the mail; mostly signed artwork, though I plan to change it up a bit in the future. They ALSO get to see old sketches and drawings of mine from many years ago (which is the most exclusive of all as I had never planned to show such things to anyone ever again, lol).

Patrons also get the inside scoop on project updates before anyone else, as well as extra thoughts/ photos/ polls/ tidbits I care to add.

I’ve managed to continue to give content for a whole year now, and hope to continue doing so!

If you found what I offer interesting, you are more than welcome to jump on over to Patreon and investigate further.

patreon cover

And in celebration of my 1st Anniversary, I will be giving current Patrons (and any new July sign-ups) a super special preview … the whole first chapter of my current WIP to read: The Last Calling (Book 5 of the Dragon Calling Series).

Yay for Special Occasion Bonuses!!!

There are also so many other amazing creators on Patreon who you can check out and support (artists, singers, writers, photographers, bloggers, you name it!). I support a few myself, and plan to seek out more and join their Patronage in the future.

Its such a great platform and community, where creatives and creativity-lovers can come together and ensure creative things happen!

If you’re someone who loves the idea of taking part in supporting artistic work on a personal, connected level, then it really is worth checking out!

Patreon Home Page Here I Come!

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The Dragon Invasion Has Begun!

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass away.” – Earl Nightingale

Back in June, 2016, I had an (outrageous) dream of seeing the main character of my fantasy series–the young, brave dragon, Laeka’Draeon–come to life in the form of a plushie.

art to plushie

May, 2019, and that dream arrived in the shape of 20 boxes filled with 500 dragon plushies.

Plushie Boxes on the Driveway

20 giant boxes, looking a little battered from their trip across the ocean.

Nearly 3 years, from initial idea to physical fruition. Written down, that doesn’t seem like an awfuly extensive length of time. But the requirement to live it, moment-by-moment … trust me, it’s a heck of a long time to fight for a dream that looked to be drowning from the get-go.

It’s nice to read and be inspired by quotes like Follow Your Dreams, and, Never Give Up, but I’d also like to throw in a regular reminder to Prepare for the Mind Battles, and, There Will be Maulings from Pain, Doubt, and a Thousand Whys.

sherlock holmes 4

Why am I trying to do this?!

The months dedicated to the plushie project were not filled with “I can do this” and “Wow, look at all the support I am getting!”; those were only scattered bread crumbs, broken off and dropped along the trail by some deep inner determination that made no practical sense, but was fiery enough to stay alive and burning, even during the most discouraging of times.

Dozens upon dozens of hours were poured into planning, designing, promotional attempts, followed by bouts of falling into pits of despair, frustration, doubt, and the occasional ‘Why am I even doing this?’.

This was a dream birthed from starry-eyed aspirations, lofty imaginings, and a hope that seemed almost too hopeful for grounded and gritty reality, and the truth of the hard and near-impossible road that made up the majority of this project’s journey. You can read a little more on my flailing to get the project off the ground here: Plushie Project Summary.

BUT, I did have support, and that support (however small in number) was what helped to keep my determination alive, and from my determination, the plushie dream. And from the dream, reality!

Ponyo Hug 2

Thank You to my wonderful Supporters!

And now, here they are, at last: 500 super cute, super awesome, limited edition Laeka’Draeon plushies.

A veritable invasion!

Plushie Swarm

Only 19 of the 25 Plushies from the FIRST Box!

One Plushie on the Loose

Plushies waiting their turn to get sorted!

The truck was due to arrive May 1st, and rolled up around 4:30pm (and yes, I had been waiting all day in anticipation).

Plushie Delivery Turck has arrived

The Plushies coming off the truck!


Once I transferred the boxes inside, I began the slow, painstaking (but exciting) task of unpacking one box at a time, removing the plushies, unsealing them from their plastic bags, giving them some careful TLC of massaging and tweaking (x25 plushies per box makes for some unfortunate crushing), signing their tags, putting them back in their respective bags, and sorting them into storage places around the house.

All these dragons in a row square

Working my way through Plushie TLC.

Kyo Doesnt Like the New Attention Stealers

Kyo the cat is suspicious of all the green interlopers!

I’ve only sorted 2 boxes so far … only 18 more to go!


On top of box sorting, I need to put together the pre-orders and ship them out to their eager owners. I will also need to buy some additional storage supplies, because hundreds of plushies have to fit somewhere! I don’t want to keep them in the boxes long-term, as I hate the idea of them remaining squashed and misshapen. They weren’t originally supposed to come in only 20 boxes (it was supposed to be 40); not sure what when wrong during the shipping process, but I’ve talked with my correspondence at the toy company and they said they’d look into the matter.

Anyway, the dragons are here now, and I need to remind myself that that in itself is an incredible feat!

Etsy Dragon Photo 1

45cm x 30cm of awesome dragon plushness!!!

I have the plushies available on my Etsy store now, so all dragon-lovers and dragon-seekers can get their paws on an awesome limited edition plushie!

Grab yourself a Laeka’Draeon Plushie HERE!

OR, why not join me over on Patreon? I will be doing a Dragon Plushie Promotion this month–in that if I reach a certain number of Patrons on Patreon, they will all go into the draw to WIN a Laeka’Draeon plushie! And not just any plushie, but one of the super limited plushies that come with a numbered certificate!

Plushie with Certificate

You’re more than welcome to investigate my Patreon page here: Patreon you say?

patreon cover

Well, there you have it; one of my long-term projects finally come to fruition!

It was definitely an experience. One I don’t really wish to go through again, to be honest, unless I have the proper finances to back it up straight off the bat. But I am glad the plushies are a part of the world now. And I hope you are, too!


This is a great accomplishment!

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