Art Commissions

So, you like my artistic style and want to get a commission done … awesome!

Am I currently doing commissions?


NOTE: At this stage I am only open to limited-style commissions. The styles I am currently open to doing commissions of are these two options: Character Expression Bust Sheets & Standard Character Profile Sheets. The following samples will give you a clear picture of what I am offering.

Bramral Expression Busts text


Bramral Full Profile



  • Character Expression Sheet – $80 (AUS)
  • Character Profile Sheet – $160 (AUS)

* If you’re interested in getting a piece done, just fill out the contact form below!

My Standard Commission Info (Currently NOT open):Β 

You may have a few questions, or want to know more about my experience and what I am happy to do. Well, keep reading!

I have been drawing since I could first hold a pencil, and I haven’t stopped. Over the past few decades I have been working specifically on developing my preferred style, as well as improving my skills. I would say that officially, I have been a professional artist and illustrator since 2012.

At the moment I am comfortable with taking on the following commissions:

  • Pop Culture & popular fictional characters
  • OCs (original characters), including D&D & fanfic characters
  • Cannon characters (from books, movies & TV shows)
  • Chibis
  • Semi-realistic animals (including dinosaurs & fantasy creatures)
  • Sketch-styled drawings
  • Cross-overs (characters from one story mingling with characters from another)

What I am not really looking at taking on (at present):

  • Realistic-styled pictures
  • People portraits (unless done in an anime/ animated style)
  • Animal portraits (unless done in an anime or semi-realistic style)
  • Landscapes (but happy to do background scapes for the standard commissions)
  • Machines (unless you are happy to pay extra for the commission)


Prices are done within specific ranges due to each commission being unique; and the fact that some commissions will be more complex than others, and thus take more time to do.

I value my time and effort as an artist (and also the fact that I am a writer too, so I need to schedule my time properly). It takes me anywhere between 5 to 20 hours to complete a picture; that includes research, concept design, actual drawing, and then actual digital creation. Pictures with backgrounds or multiple characters may take longer if detail and complexity demand it.

Basic Single Character/ Creature design – Between $60 – $100 AUS

Basic Two Character/ Creature design – Between $150 – $210 AUS

Basic Multiple Characters/ Creatures design – $240 – $300 AUS

Standard Single Character/ Creature design – Between $160 – $260 AUS

Standard Two Character/ Creature design – Between $250 – $310 AUS

Standard Multiple Characters/ Creatures design – Between $320 – $500 AUS

Book Covers and Full Background designs – Starting from $550 … AUS


DISCLAIMER: I have the right to refuse requests. I will not agree to commission anything too far out of my skill level, anything lewd or distasteful, anything that I find offensive, or anything too sexual or violent. Think PG13 stuff and you’re all good!
All my commissions will be done under contract. As long as you are happy to comply with the contract conditions, everything will remain happy sunshine and rainbows.

Have questions? Not sure which category your idea would fit into (‘basic’ or ‘standard’)? Want to get a quote on a commission idea? Or want to send in a commission request and join the queue?

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