Art Commissions

So, you like my artistic style and want to get a commission done … awesome!

Am I currently doing commissions?

Art Commission WhimAt this time, I am only open to creating a limited selection of commissions.

  • Character Profiles ($180 bank transfer – $185 Paypal)
  • D&D Aesthetic Character Sheet ($160 bank transfer – $165 Paypal)
  • Character Expression Sheet ($80 bank transfer – $85 Paypal)
  • Chibis ($60 bank transfer – $65 Paypal)

NOTE: All prices are priced in AUS dollars.

See Examples of what I am open to doing:

Bramral Full Profile


Vastien Character Sheet Asthetic Art smaller


Sylthra Expression Busts


Chibi Pins Shifra and Megandel


I prefer to work with OCs (original characters) but am happy to also do canonical characters or cross-overs.

What I won’t do:

  • Realistic-styled pictures
  • NSFW
  • Sexualised/ suggestive poses
  • Machines (unless really basic)

DISCLAIMER: I have the right to refuse requests. I will not agree to commission anything too far out of my skill level, anything lewd or distasteful, anything that I find offensive, or anything too sexual or violent. Think PG13 stuff and you’re all good!
All my commissions will be done under contract. As long as you are happy to comply with the contract conditions, everything will remain sunshine and rainbows.

Have questions? Want to get a quote on a commission idea? Or want to send in a commission request and join the queue?

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