Social Time!

Curiosity has led you here, to the Social Time Page!

Here, you can see what social media platforms Dragon Calling has dug its claws into, and also the places where you can follow me for the latest news and updates on my work, writing tips, writing memes, or anything Dragon Calling.

So by all means, come and join your fellow dragon-seekers and follow along on enjoying all the fun extras to be found on the social platforms!

DC Logo Facebook

DC Logo Author Facebook

DC Logo InstagramDC Logo Pinterest

DC Logo Twitter

And for those who are keen to go to the next Dragon-Seeker level, I also have a Patreon Page, where fans can become Patrons and receive all kinds of exclusive goodies, including a Fan Chat Page, sketches and sneak peek WIPs, early bird access and exclusive art and content. If that sounds like something you’d like to join in, jump on over to my Patreon Home Page to find out more about it!

Patreon become my patron


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