Alright, so there are many questions that can be asked, about many things concerning the Dragon Calling series. I will put up a few standard queries (and their answers) that I have been asked over the years, but I am open to receive any new questions anyone may have. Simply click on the contact tab and send me through a message and I’ll answer your queries by adding them to this page.

How many books will be in the series?

There are 5 books that encompass the full story. Additionally, there will be 5 companion guides made; one for each novel (or perhaps, eventually, a full hard-cover tome of all five guides combined!).

Does the series follow one story, or does it revolve around a few stories, all based in the same fictional world?

The series follows one big story, broken up into separate books. The story revolves around one character in particular: Laeka’Draeon. Akin to other fellow fantasy series – like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Deltora Quest and the Inheritance Cycle – the story is designed to be read sequentially, starting from Book One.

Why have you used your initials and not your full name as your author identity?

Well, for starters, my full name is a rather long one, and would take up too much space (in my opinion) on the cover of a book. But more significantly, I have always loved the look of initialised names for authors. A lot of my favourite writers ( C. S. Lewis, J. K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkien) used their initials instead of their full names. It’s really a matter of personal taste.

What is the series about?

The series focuses primarily on a young dragon, Laeka’Draeon, whose resolve to find the rest of his kind (who have gone missing) and regain his memories draws him into deeply woven threads of adventure, danger and discovery. A strong “quest” plot as the foundation, the story is driven by a set group of main characters whose similarities, differences and motives end up conjoining their individual destinies with Laeka’Draeon. Themes include self-discovery, trust, friendship, purpose, courage, and hope.

What is the recommended reading age?

I get asked this question a lot. My personally recommended age minimum is children 10 years and older. While the books sit under the banner of “Middle Grade”, and are thus categorised as children’s books, the more correct term would be Upper Middle Grade. Reasons for this include:
Some use of moderate and complex words
Fantasy lingo
Fantasy violence
Some scenes that may frighten younger readers

But to give comparisons, if your child has read and enjoyed books like the Guardians of Ga’hoole, Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, Wolves of the Beyond, and The Inheritance Cycle, they would have no trouble reading the Dragon Calling series.

What books are currently available?








NOTE: Books are available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats. Companions Guides, at this stage, are only available in paperback. Future plans include audio books for the entire series.

Are the books available in audio?

Plans have been ‘on the table’ for audio-books for a long while now. Currently, Book 1 has been created into an audiobook, dual-narrated and complete with music too!

Are you also an Illustrator?

Yes I am. All the pictures related to my series and my other written works were done by me, including all the book covers.

Will there be any illustrations in the books?

Aside from a map of Valadae and small glyphs symbolising scene changes, there are no additional illustrations. The Companion Guides, however, will be full of illustrations, including the popular Prologue Comics.

Do you have anything else available, aside from the books?

I do indeed! Currently, I have bookmarks, A2 ans A3 posters, Special Edition Character Prints available in A3 and large postcard size, character keyrings, and badges, and the best of the merch … an awesome plushie of the series’ main character, Laeka’Draeon. More goodies will be available in the future, including playing cards AND enamel pins. You can check out some of the merch via the Dragon Calling Store. Stay tuned for updates!

Have you ever considered the Dragon Calling series eventually being turned into a movie series? What do you picture it looking like?

Of course! It’s easy for me to think as fancifully as that. The series would actually cross over well into several film mediums including, live-action (think Pete’s Dragon or Jungle Book), an animated series drawn or CGI (think Voltron or The Trollhunter), or even a fully CGI film series (think Kung Fu Panda, or How to Train Your Dragon).

Are there any characters in the story that have similar personality traits to you?

I shall partially quote something said by the Italian novelist, Alberto Moravia. “… to define oneself by subdividing oneself and multiplying oneself in one or a hundred creatures.” An author cannot help but reveal small definitions of their own hopes, fears, loves, resentments, and beliefs in some shape or form, in the stories they tell.
But if the question really meant: did I base any of the character’s traits or tendencies directly from my own person, then I can simply say, no. At least, not intentionally.

More will be updated as new queries come in!


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