Prowling the Prose – Description: Scents

“Smells are surer than sounds and sights to make the heartstrings crack.”

– Rudyard Kipling

Welcome wonderful, wandering web will-o-the-wisps (and humans), to another of my (the Whimsical Werecat) perfectly practiced and proficient presentation of literature insights.

In short, another amusing Prose Poster for you to glean glorious knowledge from.

It’s me again! The Whimsical Werecat, your Pedagogue of Prose.

And you are, of course, welcome.

Oh, and in addition, here are some interesting facts about your sense of smell.

  • You can actually smell emotions–primarily fear and disgust (as it changes the scent of sweat).
  • Your sense of smell is the most sensitive of your physical senses; it is the sense most linked to emotional recollection and memory.
  • Females have a stronger sense of smell than males.
  • You humans have around six million odour-detecting cells. Puny, compared to a werecat’s 450 million! That’s right, my nose is better than a bloodhound’s!
  • You can smell things better in the Spring and Summer due to the additional moisture in the air.
  • Like fingerprints, each of you humans have your own unique odour.
  • Your sense of smell accounts for 75-95% of the impact a flavour has (when you eat/ taste something).


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In short - Creative extraordinaire, warrior princess, dragon-lover, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and most assuredly and proudly peculiar!
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