Launch Team for Kin Seeker Audiobook!

Greetings Inter-Webbers and Dragon-Seekers! So, in case you don’t follow the Dragon Calling Facebook page, or you’re not a Patreon patron, you may not have heard the news …

Kin Seeker has been made into an AUDIOBOOK!

Not for everyone; but definitely for some people!

Yes, you read right. After years of wanting to take the series into the amazing avenue of audiobooks, it’s finally happening! Book One of the Dragon Calling series is soon to be launched into the audio realm!

So, what’s all the fuss about (you might ask)? WELL, for those who listen to audiobooks, and for those who love the Dragon Calling series, and are curious about what it sounds like with professional narrators and music … there’s a lot to get excited about!

You read that right, too. NarratorS. Plural. And music. Awesome ambient music!

Offical Audiobook Cover!

The story is read by the super talented Henry Kramer (of the juggernaut Kramer family voice talent) and Jenna Dulong (opera singer, vocalist and actor), and is what you’d technically call a duet narration.

The most common types of audiobooks are single narration (one narrator reads the entire story and voices all the characters) and dual narration (where two narrators read an entire chapter each, consecutively taking turns. Whoever is reading the chapter also does all the dialogue for any characters in that chapter).

Then, there’s duet: where two (or more) narrators interact throughout a story, each narrator always voicing the lines and thoughts of their assigned characters. While this is more commonly seen in stories with alternate, first person, protagonist POVs (e.g. the Hero and the Heroine), it can also be melded with the dual-style chapter alternations; which is the case with Kin Seeker.

Here’s the summary: Henry and Jenna take turns narrating the chapters of the book. BUT, they are strictly assigned to individual characters, and will voice their dialogue, no matter who the narrator for the chapter is. And let me tell you, it sounds AWESOME!


And then there’s the music. Fairly licensed and acquired through Audiohub. Most pieces are ‘movie theme’ instrumentals, and all of them are exclusive to Audiohub–meaning you won’t find those music pieces anywhere else!

Seeing as I’ve a rather grand and cinematic vision for my series (the audiobook editions) I knew I wanted to have music added. Not throughout the entire book, mind you; just at the start of each chapter, while the chapter number, title, and epigraphs/ quotes/ excerpts are narrated. The samples I’ve listened to so far sound so good. The music helps to create mood and atmosphere for each chapter. And since music is not a common addition in audiobooks, it helps to make Kin Seeker all the more unique!

Currently, the book is in the final stages of post-editing production. The small audio and omission errors have been highlighted and sent to the narrators to fix, and once that’s done, a launch date will be locked in and the book prepped for release!

What I am hoping to do, to help make Dragon Calling’s debut into the audiobook realm successful, it to gather together a Launch Team.

What’s a Launch Team:

Also known as a street team, my launch team will be a group of people who will help to set Kin Seeker up for success when it launches. A team member can be a current fan of Dragon Calling, a curious reader/ listener who loves MG and YA epic fantasies, readers of this here blog of mine, any followers of my social media, my friends and acquaintances etc. Basically, anyone who’d be happy and excited to commit to being an advocate for Kin Seeker and it’s launch.

So, does that sound like you? Possibly? And you’d like to know more?

First off, I’ll give you a list of the awesome rewards you’ll receive if you commit to becoming a Kin Seeker Launch Team member!

  1. A FREE copy of the audiobook (via a promotional code).
  2. A set of A6 postcards featuring the main cast of the series.
  3. A set of premium matte vinyl stickers!
  4. Exclusive access to a private Facebook Group. Here, we’ll be able to post videos, share posts and memes, and collaborate together in regards to Kin Seeker’s launch!
OOOOOOH! I’m liking those rewards!

Here’s a brief run-down of what would be required of you as a Kin Seeker Launch Team member:

  1. Write up an honest review and post it during launch week (aka the first week of the audiobook’s release). The following retailers will allow you to leave a review without having the purchase the audiobook there: Google, Apple, Amazon (but not Audible), Kobo, Scribd (with free trial) and Downpour, in addition to standard review sites like Goodreads. If you have a subscription with Audible, it’d be awesome if you could leave a review there!
  2. Share word of the launch through your social media platforms. This could be mentioning the book in a weekly blog post, starting a discussion about the book in a chat forum, or even as simple as making and sharing tweets, Facebook posts, or posting the cover to visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram.
  3. Share promotional ideas within the Launch Team, likely via the exclusive Facebook Group I’ll set up. We can post ideas and share strategies, and confirm who can do what (e.g. which members have a subscription to an audiobook service, which members are happy to buy the audiobook as well as/ or instead of the freebie; which members have a blog and are happy to post about the book etc.)
  4. Take a photo of you listening to the audiobook. You can make this fun! Like, pretend your cat/ dog is listening to the book. Or you can do a selfie with your child/ sibling, with both of you sharing earphones/ buds, and listening together. 🙂
This is MEOWtastic!

If you’re interested in becoming a Kin Seeker Launch Team member, please fill out the form below. This will help me to gauge the level of interest, and to allow me to add you to the exclusive Facebook Group, once it has been created.


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