Dragon Size Chart 2!

When it comes to dragons, size is completely subjective to the whims of their origin; whether that be cultural folklore, standard mythology, or the imaginations of the writers and illustrators who bring them to life.

There is no shortage of famous dragons available for our imaginations to indulge, and comparison in size is something I know many dragon-lovers find themselves pondering.

To satiate my own curiosity, I delved into many hours of research and silhouette sketches to create my own Dragon Size Chart. And it’s turned out to be the most popular blog post I’ve ever done!

Hooray for dragons!

And so, after many requests, and my own wish to add more to a size comparison chart, I’ve gone ahead and created another one: Dragon Size Chart 2!

As with the first chart, I’ve worked with a standard height of 6″ 3″ for an adult man (which is the average height of the human-like hemlans in my fantasy series).

So, without further ado, here are the charts of eleven more dragons, and how I came about estimating their sizes.

*Take note of the word estimate, because that’s exactly what this is. I know I’m not spot on, but at least these pictures will give you a rough idea of the different sizes of these well-known and well-loved dragons.

Dragon Number One: Drogon (TV Series, A Game of Thrones; Season 4)



I haven’t read the books and I don’t watch the series (although I keep up-to-date with the plots of certain characters out of curiosity), but I know this dragon very well. Drogon is Daenerys’ red and black-scaled dragon—the largest and most aggressive of her three ‘children’, though unquestionably the most loyal and protective. I chose to chart him based on his size in the 4th season of the TV series, simply because reference pictures for that size were easiest to come by. I made sure to take into account Daenerys’ small stature, when doing the silhouette, since my chart compares each dragon with a 6″3″ tall man. The following pic is one of my reference choices:

DaenerysDragon Number Two: Jabberwock (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland)



“Beware the Jabberwock my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!”

The Jabberwock (or Jabberwocky, as referred to in the movie), would technically be called a chimera—if anything—but Tim Burton’s vision (inspired by the original Tenniel illustration) is predominantly dragon-like. Plus, it’s allowed on the list because it looks awesome, and was voiced by Christopher Lee. Taking Alice’s smaller height into account, I used this reference picture to approximate the Jabberwock’s size:

alice-in-wonderland-jabberwockyDragon Number Three: Saphira (The Inheritance Cycle)



I, among many others, found the movie a terrible let-down, but I think the CGI team did a pretty amazing job of Saphira. A graceful, agile, and beautiful blue-scaled dragon, it was inevitable she make it on this chart (having narrowly missed out last time). I used this reference picture, taking into account Eragon starts his journey as a teenager:

Eragon sizeDragon Number Four: Bahamut (Final Fantasy X)



And here we have Bahamut: the most powerful aeon in the RPG game, Final Fantasy X! Bahamut actually appears numerous times throughout the various FF games (size and features changing as well), but I know him best in X, as he was my favourite Summons to use. I found this picture the best reference to garner his size:

bahamut-2Dragon Number Five: Maleficent (Disney’s Sleeping Beauty)



THE original classic dragon villain. Of course, like Flemeth, Maleficent isn’t an actual dragon, she’s a powerful sorceress, but her ability to transform into one of the most well-known dragons to-date lands her a solid place on this dragon chart! And this is the reference picture/ gif that helped me:

anigif_enhanced-5311-1395705541-3Dragon Number Six: Narissa (Disney’s Enchanted)



Another Disney sorceress who can transform into a dragon: the evil queen Narissa. She’s a nasty piece of work—mean, cunning and vindictive. She gets a spot on the list because her dragon-form is quite a unique and clever design. I had a few reference pictures to go by, but none of them were optimal. Still, you work with what you can find, right? I focused on the size of her hand in comparison to Robert (gripped in her claws).

Narissa_Dragon_live_actionDragon Number Seven: Kilgharrah (TV Series, Merlin)



A favourite character among Merlin fans, Kilgharrah is a powerful and wise dragon, and surprisingly big (I was surprised, at least). There were a few references I found, and what really helped was that most had Kilgharrah in proximity to human characters; making charting his size not too difficult.

KILGHARRAHDragon Number Eight: Bewilderbeast (How to Train Your Dragon 2)



Now we are getting into the big leagues. Not only is the bewilderbeast large, it is solid, too (actually, of all the dragons on this chart, this is the BIGGEST!). Just look at the incredible display of power as the two bewilderbeasts battle it out for dominance, in the movie! UPDATED: After a recommended size suggestion, I realised the previous comparison I did for the bewilderbeast was undersized (thanks to a dodgy reference pic). I have remedied that, with the help of this picture:

bewilderbeast proper size

Dragon Number Nine: Grigori (Dragon’s Dogma)



“If you would face me… take up arms, newly Arisen!”

Sure the RPG game had it’s flaws, but I found I still really enjoyed playing Dragon’s Dogma. Especially when it came to fighting the big creatures like the cyclops’ and chimeras. And the most awesome of all? Grigori, the massive red dragon who steals your heart at the start of the game, triggering the game’s story and events. Reference for this impressive dragon was one of the easiest:

Grigori 1Dragon Number Ten: Ramoth (Dragonriders of Pern series)



The largest Pernese dragon on record, Ramoth is the gold queen dragon of the character Lessa. I initially thought that finding a reference for this dragon would be difficult. But previous charts, plus a list of pernese dragons and their actual sizes on the island of pern website really helped out. Thanks internet!

pern_dragon_size_chart_by_kaiserflamesDragon Number Eleven: Deathwing (World of Warcraft – Cataclysm)



Deathwing is the gargantuan dragon from World of Warcraft’s third expansion pack, Cataclysm. While hunting for information on this terrible (and massive) enemy, I discovered that he changes sizes as the story progresses. There was no way I was going to chart his ultimate size (it’s just too huge), so I went with his size when he swoops in during the Deathwing vs Alexstrasza quest. See that tiny little speck in the ref pic? The little red one? Yeah, that’s Alextrasaza (queen of dragons).


So there you have it. The individual size charts of another eleven awesome dragons. And here is the ultimate chart comparing them altogether!

Dragon Size Chart 3


I hope you enjoyed the next installment of my dragon size project! But to be sure, there are many more dragons out there! Who are some of your favourites? Which dragons would you have liked to be on the chart?

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26 Responses to Dragon Size Chart 2!

  1. Hayley says:

    This is great! I love it when people make stuff like this, it’s always cool. Though I might as well add, in case you’re interested: The Bewilderbeast is actually undersized here. That promo pic with Drago is more along the lines of a cheap photoshop, and not an accurate comparison for how the species appears in the movie. Bewilderbeasts are actually even bigger than Smaug– Smaug (in the Hobbit movies) is about 460 feet– going off his description of being “twice the size of a 747 jumbo jet” (and assuming a 747 to be about 230ft on average.) The bewilderbeast, on the other hand, is about 500ft long, and over 100ft tall! This paints quite the image!

    • Thanks for the correction, Hayley! I didn’t look as in-depth for a pic of the Bewilderbeast as some of the others, and when I saw the Drago one I just worked off that. But after watching the movie again, you’re right. They’re much bigger! I’ll have to update the pic to better match the size. 😉

  2. Arrowghost says:

    Wow, nice update. Never knew that the Bewilderbeast is so large, it even outsize Deathwing. I remember the old debate of Smaug VS Deathwing, but it seems we know all that fire and volcanic power Deathwing possess surely he is more powerful when we saw the Cataclysm intro cinematic.

    Good work! If one day when all dragons will come together, maybe you should consider putting the silhouettes altogether like in the Starship Comparison picture. We know Ancalagon the Black is so huge, I wonder how huge, is he as big as half size of the moon?

    • I love that Starship Comparison chart – it’s incredible! It would be an enormous task, but ultimately awesome, if one day I could do up a full-blown dragon one, as you’ve suggested. 😀

  3. I’m confused about the Pernese chart, the one below the silhouette of Ramoth. There’s an extra dragon in there, larger than the brown but smaller than the bronze…am I missing something??

    • Sharp eyes! And you’re right, there does appear to be an extra dragon. But I’ve noticed extra Pernese dragons in various other charts, too. I’m not sure why the original artists added extra dragons. I’m sure they had their reasons, lol.

  4. Brandon R. says:

    Regarding Ramoth from Pern, it seems the chart is using meters rather than feet, which is actually a long time controversy regarding the dragons of Pern. Anne McCaffrey has said multiple times that she always meant for them to be measured in feet, however the mistake was made in so many sources that it divides the fandom.

    The reason for the extra dragon in that chart is that it is there represent the size of any other Gold dragon, Ramoth is an aberration and is basically the ultimate dragon of Pern, the size of a dragon is also supposed to reflect the ‘power’ of the person they attach to.

  5. dragonlord7012 says:

    I replied to the old version by mistake xD. Any chance you might work out the dragons from Divinity Dragon Commander? I could never figure out a good size comparison.

    • Hi Dragon Lord! I’ll look into the dragons from Divinity Dragon Commander and add them to my next Dragon Chart. Not sure when chart 3 will be done, but keep an eye out on my posts, as I will almost certainly do another chart in the future. 🙂

  6. Arrowghost says:

    I know I haven’t been in this blog for a while, but I forgot other crucial dragons, have you considered any dragons with multiple heads? Tiamat from Dungeons & Dragons is one of them, she’s a goddess with 5 heads. 😮

    If you’re ok with My Little Pony, there’s always more dragons there like Spike, Ember & her father, Dragonlord Torch. Torch, with that size, I wonder if he is as big as Deathwing.

    Starship Comparison pic I know is hard work while you’re busy with your own “Dragon Calling” series, so I don’t have a good feeling you’ll work on that giant comparison pic.

    • Arrowghost says:

      I forgot, Spike also comes in 2 forms, 1 is his small young version and the other is the adult version which happen to have no wings but he is triggered by his inner greed in order for him to grow.

    • Thanks for more suggestions, Arrowghost. It’s a great help! Will have plenty of dragons to choose from to add to chart 3. Cheers!

      • Arrowghost says:

        I made an extra comment which I forgot to mention regarding Spike’s 2 forms. So I hope you read that too.

        Speaking of more dragons, I remember Magic the Gathering has another, the most powerful dragon I know is Nicol Bolas. If you want just for the fun of it, there’s also the Dragon Knight as seen in the Heroes of the Storm game. The loading picture shows he’s big although in-game he’s just medium sized.

  7. Zemeraire says:

    Is there any chance Drogon will be getting an update in this chart or the next? His Season 7 promo pictures alone show how big he has gotten, and it would be awesome to see a how he ranks now. https://ewedit.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/000256576.jpg

    • Hi Zemeraire,
      Doing an updated size of Drogon is a great idea! If time permitted, I was thinking of doing a 3rd Dragon Chart later this year. I will add him to the list of possible candidates.

  8. horakhty07 says:

    Nice job , but Deathwing is much bigger than what you think ,due to gameplay reason he is smaller in the game than his real size ( All the Dragon Aspects are huge ). Deathwing was designed to have a wingspan of about 365 meters ( 1197 feet).

    • Hi Horakhty07! Thanks for the insight. I haven’t played the Cataclysm expansion pack, but from what what I gleaned when doing research I know Deathwing has a much (much!) larger form. But to keep the specs reasonable for the second chart, I kept his size to the in-game size during the Deathwing vs Alexstrasza quest.
      But you’ve given me an idea! I’m currently working on the 3rd Dragon Size Chart. There are some HUGE dragons on there, so I MIGHT actually be able to re-add Deathwing, in his final size! 🙂

      • Arrowghost says:

        I kind of agree as I notice the Cataclysm trailer video show he’s quite huge.
        Anyway, looking forward and wait for the 3rd chart, hopefully more dragons can be seen.

        I also hope if you include the My Little Pony ones, I saw some really big dragons too. And I still don’t forget Heroes of the Storms’ Dragon Knight from the Loading Screen

  9. Jace says:

    Hi seeing how good you did with the size charts for the dragons. Me and my friend are having a debate on weather a hydra or a dragon would win in a fight, I was wondering if you could chart a hydra’s size compared to a human like you did the dragons.

    • Hi Jace,
      Interesting debate. Hydra vs dragon. But I imagine, just like with dragons, a hydras’ size and stats would be subjective depending on their creative origin. If I remember to do so, I might add a Hydra to my next Dragon Chart. Thanks for the idea!

      • Arrowghost says:

        Speaking of hydras, don’t mind to see them. An obvious one comes to my mind is Disney’s Hercules’ Hydra, one of Hades’ minions.

  10. Aaron Coggins says:

    These Dragon charts are very nice. Though if I had one issue, it’s that you only show them in comparison to the silhouette, you don’t list their estimated heights in text. Oh well.

    For future Charts, some information that you may find useful: In your current Charts, you use a figure who is 6’3″ as reference, however in the real world US, the average height for men is quite a bit shorter, at 5’9″.

    Some Dragons that I’d love for you to tackle in the future

    Charizard: The most famous Dragon Pokemon, ironically not a Dragon type. He’s actually got a canonical height of 5’7″, but he’s made to be bigger in the Anime so he can be ridden.
    Shenron: The Wish granting Dragon from Dragonball Z. Though he may be in the same boat as Ancalagon, too tall.
    King Ghidorah: Godzilla’s arch foe. He actually comes in a variety of heights, the largest being 521 feet from the newest Godzilla film. Again, he might be too big.
    Kaido: A Major villain in the Anime One Piece, who is capable of transforming into a dragon. His full draconic height is unlisted, but he interacts with several characters who have a canonically defined height, which would be helpful for estimating his size

    • Hi Aaron,
      Thanks for checking out my dragon chart! I’ve seen charts where the estimated heights are added numerically, and I agree it’s a good idea. But, to be honest, it’s also a hassle I didn’t want to deal with. Extra work, and most of the time I’d probably end up being corrected by people. In the end, I just wanted to do the charts for fun and so stuck with a simple silhouette.
      The human silhouette is actually based on the height of hemlans (the ‘human-like’ race in my fantasy series); both to keep things interesting, and to keep things neutral (no need for UK or US or Australian etc. averages).
      As for your suggestions; thanks for offering them! I have great news–I’ve already done the silhouettes of Shenron, King Ghidorah and Ancalagon in my Dragon Size Chart 3.
      Kaido has also been suggested by others, so if I ever decide to do another chart, he will definitely be added.

  11. nightmare_night5 says:

    happy you added grigori in there, dragon’s dogma is an amazing rpg that everyone deserves to try.
    it sure has flaws, but what game does not have flaws?

    • Grigori is a super-imposing dragon, with a striking look–I just had to add him! I had quite a lot of fun playing Dragon’s Dogma; I was particularly impressed with the monsters and the different ways and methods to fight them. 🙂

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