Lonely the Wolf is Finally Coming!


Some exciting news, Dragon-Seekers and Web-Wanderers! My illustrated children’s book, Lonely the Wolf, is finally making its debut into the world; official release date now set!



Lonely is a wolf who behaves in very un-wolfish ways.

The other animals of Fabelwood celebrate the New Moon Festival together. But Lonely does not join in, convinced by the Shadow Wolf that her strangeness will make everyone laugh at her.

But all she wants is to not be alone anymore.

Can Lonely overcome self-doubt and find her place amongst the rest of Fablewood’s animals?

The book is a 42-page casebound with gloss finish. The story is complete at approx 700 words, and 15 full-page, brightly coloured illustrations; aimed at ages 5-8, and introduces some wonderful, expressive words (like celebrating, glistened, discouraged, excited, and twinkled). The story would make a great book for parents to read to younger children as well.

As some of you may know (and likely some don’t) back in 2018, I was inspired to write and illustrate a particular story that had bounded its way into my head (and heart). I spent 6 months working on the project (in-between all my usual Dragon Calling stuff) including getting the cover designed, the book professionally edited, and the content formatted for an 8.5×11 casebound sized book.

Then … I set it aside, not really sure what I wanted to do with it, or when.

And so, I continued with my Dragon Calling projects for the rest of the year, and on through 2019, and the beginning of 2020 … when, at last, I finished the draft of the final book in the series.

As I set the draft aside to rest (from doing self-edits) and also getting it A4-printed for some Alpha Readers (readers who proof a book before it goes to the editor), I looked back on the Lonely project and felt the warm spark of inspiration stir again.

I considered the current stages of my writing and illustration projects …

Book 5 of the Dragon Calling series likely wouldn’t be ready for publication until near the end of the year. But Lonely the Wolf was pretty much complete! All it needed was some promo material put together, online shop set up for pre-orders, the book information logged into the necessary databases, and the book itself uploaded and prepped for POD (Print on Demand).

And so, off I went, digging my way through my assigned tasks in order to get Lonely the Wolf ready for publication by mid-year.

And now … it’s just about ready! After going over the physical proof copy, only a few minor things needed to be fixed, so I re-submitted. Once I receive the second proof copy and confirm the changes are to my satisfaction, the book will get the green light through its POD source and will be ready for pre-orders via international distribution outlets.

But right now, the book is officially available for PRE-ORDER directly through me, via the Lonely the Wolf Shop, right here on this website!

You can purchase a book on its owned (which I will sign) OR …

There are also special Lonely the Wolf Goodie Packs. The packs will include:

  • x1 Lonely the Wolf, signed casebound book
  • x1 Lonely the Wolf tote bag
  • x1 A4 poster
  • x1 A5 postcard
  • x2 badges (32mm)
  • x2 sticker sheets

The Goodie Packs will be a limited stock purchase (I plan to compile only 50 packs). So, it’s important that if you want the extra goodies along with the book, you need to pre-order!

You can order the books and the goodie packs HERE or just click the image below:


I hope you’re looking forward to meeting Lonely, as much as I am to finally introducing her to the world! 🙂


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