Laeka’Draeon Dragon Plushie Order Form!

Dragon Plushie Order Form Image

AT LAST! With the Laeka’Draeon dragon plushie now officially in the production process, the next few months are the perfect opportunity to garner interest, as well as compile advance orders.

From now until April 2019, this order form will be made available for anyone to fill out. And it’s not just for those who wish to get in first and place a pre-order to guarantee being a part of the first wave of plushie owners; the form also has a general ‘expression of interest‘ option, for those who wish to have a plushie set aside for them (temporarily) but are not sure they want to lock in the purchase up front.

The plushie is AWESOME, by the way. 😉

30cm high, 50cm long (in other words, BIG!); super soft velboa fabric; thick stuffing; semi-posable wings; all embroidered features designed straight from original artwork. Will come with custom tags (signed by the designer).

SO, just click on the PDF below. Fill out the form, save it, then email it to:

Dragon Plushie Order Form

NOTE: This is a one-time production run, making the plushies limited edition. If you don’t want to risk missing out on getting a Laeka’Draeon collectable plush, then filling out this order/ interest form is your best chance!