Lonely the Wolf

2018 brought a surprising addition to my writing collection: an illustrated children’s book titled Lonely the Wolf.

Lonely the Wolf Front Cover2

The book is complete at just over 700 words, and 15 full page illustrations, aimed at ages 5-8 (with younger kids enjoying the story via Reading Time with parents or older siblings).

I plan to get it published as a hardcover (TBA), with also the possibility of fun little stickers or prints to add as additional free swag.

It’s already been formatted and professionally edited, and needs only the funds to for a print run (maybe I should try and do a Kickstarter?)

Not sure what to do with it at this stage, so it’s just sitting off to the side, waiting for me to decide whether to send it out on submission (to traditional publishers), or to save up and self-publish.

Anyway, I thought I should at least give it a page here on my website, to help give it a visual boost, and to make sure Lonely (the wolf) really doesn’t feel lonely and left out!


Lonely is a wolf who behaves in very un-wolfish ways.

The other animals of Fablewood celebrate the New Moon Festival together. But Lonely does not join in, convinced by the Shadow Wolf that her strangeness will make everyone laugh at her.

But all she wants is to not be lonely anymore.

Can Lonely overcome her self-doubt and find her place among the rest of Fabelwood’s animals?