The Last Calling (Book Five of Dragon Calling)

“At last I can show you. At last you will see the truth that has brought us all to this desperate brink. The truth of the dragons and their calling.”

Three Beacon Thrones are restored. One remains.
With a new revelation on the dragons, Laeka’Draeon is at last closing in on uncovering the mystery of their disappearance.
Sadukravon’s hordes have struck the first blow against Valadae, forcing the allied kingdoms to launch a Second Gathering. But without the might of the dragons or the magic of Klonnoth Aire, the first counter-attack could be Valadae’s last.
Laeka’Draeon and his companions undertake their final trials under a terrible weight of urgency, coming face-to-face with astonishing discoveries and devastating truths.
All mysteries will unravel under the looming shadow of a battle that will shape the future of Valadae and all its creature-kinds.

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  • Courage in the face of great odds
  • Forgiveness
  • Sacrifice
  • Following One’s Calling
  • Failure


  • Use of advanced vocabulary and fantasy terms (avid reader recommendation)
  • Fantasy violence
  • War Themes
  • Some scenes of emotional stress and peril
  • Some scenes may disturb younger readers


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Poster Bad Guys LC (3300x4686)