The Sword of Stars (Book Four of Dragon Calling)

“It means it is time for me to stop watching the future and start shaping it. It is time for the centaurs to take action, indeed, for all of Valadae to set their gaze northward and ready themselves against the encroaching darkness.”

The first two Beacon Throne guardians have been awakened. The third lies far away to the east, beckoning Laeka’Draeon and his companions onward in their race to stop a second Manna Eruption from destroying Valadae. But with every achieved triumph the danger grows, not only from the enemies of the old wars, but from within Laeka’Draeon’s own company.
And from across the allied realms, Belzor Ven’Ho rises to the call of destiny and, along with his closest companions, takes up arms in a bid to aid in Laeka’Draeon’s quest by breaking the enemies’ hold over the northern kingdoms.
The forces that have shaped the young dragon’s journey so far are set to converge, and the effects will be felt across all of Valadae.

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  • Bravery
  • Risk
  • Sacrifice
  • Friendship
  • Perseverance


  • Advanced vocabulary and fantasy terms (avid “younger” reader recommendation)
  • Fantasy violence
  • Some scenes of bloody violence
  • Some scenes may disturb younger readers