Release Date for Kin Seeker – August 12th!

It’s official! The release date for KIN SEEKER has been announced for AUGUST12th!

So get ready, fellow adventurers and dragon seekers, the time for stepping into the world of Valadae is almost at hand!

You can now make an advance order on KIN SEEKER from Smashwords. And since the book has passed the Premium Catalogue review with flying colours, advance orders will also be available at other global retailers, including iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. Once I have received news of its availability at those retailers, I will add the necessary links for all you readers out there to click on! KIN SEEKER will also become available at Amazon – although dates are yet to be specified.

Cover Art Kin Seeker Text 2 (853x1280)

BUT, that’s not all the exciting news for today …

FINAL FLIGHT, the short story that won the Queensland division in the Best of Supanova 2012 competition, is also available at Smashwords – for FREE! It’s a great way for readers to sample my writing before making the commitment to purchase KIN SEEKER (which is a full-length novel).

Here is the book cover design for FINAL FLIGHT.

Official eBook cover for Final Flight

Official eBook cover for Final Flight

So if either (or both!) of these titles interest you, why not check them out on Goodreads and add them to your list of ‘Want to Read’!

KIN SEEKER on Goodreads.

FINAL FLIGHT on Goodreads.

It’s all happening, fellow adventurers! The time for dragon-searching is almost here!


* Comes with extensive Pronunciations, Index and Glossary pages!

* The story begins on the last day of Fola, the second fulon of prenel (the equivalent to the 30th of March in the northern hemisphere).

* The unicorns of Valadae are not all white.

* Readers will be introduced to more than one type of creature completely unique to the Dragon Calling universe.

* The first character the protagonist encounters is one of the strangest in the series.


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