2014 – Do, and not merely Dream

“But it’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.” – Batman Begins

Here we are: at the final point of farewell to 2013, and ready to welcome 2014 with eager anticipation!

If you haven’t already done so, take a few moments to glance back one last time and reflect upon the days that have come and gone; the time you had available to you in 2013, and how you used it.

Consider all the things you accomplished; the relationships you made richer, and the people whose lives you touched in one way or another; the goals you reached, or began the journey toward completing; the successes you’ve had, whether small or big, and the successes you helped others attain.

Certainly, there have been difficult times. Challenges with finances, or relationships, or lifestyle changes; the loss of good health, or business ventures, or loved ones. Life continues to happen all around us, and sometimes we get hit hard, or unjustly. But the best thing to do with our pains or misfortunes is not dwell on them for too long, or carry them over with us into the new year. Let our struggles refine us, not define us.

This transition into a new year is, once again, a chance to start afresh in whatever area of your life you acknowledge needs refreshing. It’s a great time to hone in on goals and plans and strategies, and get the ball rolling again (or keep the momentum going). It’s also a good time to let go of things you know will only drag you down or stagnate your progress. Easier said than done, of course, but remember – the thoughts and feelings you feed, are the ones that will rule you. Better to feed your hopes than your fears, right?

So let’s make 2014 ­– the year of the horse (a creature symbolic of cheer, perceptiveness, popularity and increase) – one where the thoughts that lead our charge are the ones of positivity, determination and high spirits!


None of us can predict what this year will hold. We can’t even boast of knowing the outcome of tomorrow. But what we do have is the here and now – and the choices we make in these moments will always shape the days yet to come. So shape them well; let our dream be the compass, and our day-to-day pursuits the trail we blaze.

Do, and not merely dream.

It’s not every year I choose a “theme song” to inspire me for the year outstretched before me. But for 2014 I have found one that fits perfectly with where I am at, both as a writer, and as an individual navigating the intertwining paths of this journey called Life.

My Theme Song for 2014 is: Shine Your Way – performed by Owl City and Yuna


Are you someone who likes to pick out songs, sayings, or quotes to be a part of your personal mantra for each new year? If so, what’s yours for 2014? If you’ve never thought about doing something like that before, why not give it a go! You may find that having a theme song or saying is the perfect addition to your keeping inspiration and encouragement on track in making 2014 the best year yet!


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