HE’S BACK! And so much sooner than you expected, right? This is one of Fa’Luffy’s SPECIAL REVIEWS, which he insisted on doing as a bonus for this wonderful Holiday Season.

Ho Ho Ho! A Merry Fluffalicious Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho! A Merry Fluffalicious Christmas!


For Fa’Luffy’s Christmas Special, Fa’Luffy went to the effort to pre-book his ticket to see the advanced screening of this particular movie. Now, while it has already been released in some countries (US, Russia, UK, Ireland and France – just to name a few), it has yet to be released here in Australia (and Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, Japan along with a host of others are still waiting, too).

And that movie is none other than Disney’s new critically acclaimed – FROZEN!

So today, FROZEN is exactly what Fa’Luffy will be reviewing (without SPOILERS):

frozen 4

Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Medium: Current Cinema Release

Rated: PG for Parental Guidance

Genre: Fairytale

Q: What’s it all about?

Fa’Luffy: When the kingdom of Arendelle is cast under a curse of eternal winter, princess Anna, fearless and brimming with optimism, teams up with mountaineer Kristoff and his reindeer Sven on an epic (and very musical!) journey to find Anna’s sister Elsa, the Snow Queen, and put an end to her icy spell.

Fantastic cast of Characters!

Fantastic cast of Characters!

Q: Who would enjoy this?

Fa’Luffy: Anyone who loves stories full of humour and heart, anyone who loves musicals, and anyone who loves Disney’s traditional classic animations (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid).

Q: What are some of your favourite aspects?

Fa’Luffy: The animation is amazing, right down to the tiniest of details. The cast of characters are ones you can easily love. The music and songs are wonderful. The snow looks so real I want to jump on in and make snow cushions! Oh, and the Norwegian names are awesome! Sven, Kristoff, Olaf, Hans, Elsa – how could you not like such flufftastic names!

SVEN is like the BEST name ever for a reindeer!

SVEN is like the BEST name ever for a reindeer!

Q: What are some of your less favourite aspects?

Fa’Luffy: Very hard to pick out anything I didn’t like. It was a delight from start to finish. One thing to mention, though, is FROZEN’S strength does not lie in it’s plot, but in it’s characters and their motivations.

Q: How would you sum up your opinion?

Fa’Luffy: Full of heart, humour and music – everything that made the Disney classics so timeless. For the generations who grew up with the timeless classics of The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid, this movie will fill you with nostalgia, and rekindle your love of musical animations. FROZEN is definitely a classic for this new generation!

Q: What is the final Fa’Luffy Verdict?

Fa’Luffy: Out of a total of 5 Fa’Luffy Stars:

Fa'Luffy ratingFa'Luffy ratingFa'Luffy rating Fa'Luffy ratingFa'Luffy rating

Q: So the Fa’Luffy stamp for FROZEN is …?


Fa'Luffy Dragon 3.2 (1024x1015)

And there you have it, people! The Fa’Luffy has spoken – FROZEN is fluffaliciously approved! So if you’re planning a fun cinema outing and looking for a great holiday film to see – look not further than Disney’s new musical masterpiece!

Have you played a game, watched a movie, or read a book that you think Fa’Luffy would enjoy reviewing? If so, feel free to send through your suggestions. If the Fa’Luffy finds it interesting, the Fa’Luffy will put up a review!


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