Dragon Calling Print and Booth Campaign!

Calling all dragon-seekers and supporters of high-flying dreams and creative indie entrepreneurs!

My Indiegogo campaign to see myself and my books soundly set up at Australia’s largest pop-culture expo (SUPANOVA), is now LIVE!

It’s my first time delving into the world of crowd-funding, and I am believing it to be a positive and fun experience. And to make it all the more positive and fun, I’ll be needing the help of all my wonderful fans and supporters! Is that you? I hope so! Every little bit of support makes a difference. 🙂

What is this campaign about, you might ask? Well, to learn all the details and perks, just click on the picture below!

Dragon Calling Series Campaign Poster small

I love the idea of crowd-funding. I’ve seen how successful it can be, and how many wonderful creative projects have taken flight because of the support and generosity of  fans, friends, and supportive strangers around the world.

I, myself, have supported other people’s campaigns in the past, and the feeling of knowing I’ve helped someone else’s dream to the next stage, is in itself a really cool reward.

Places like Kickstater and Indiegogo are incredible! My own campaign aside, if you have creative friends who put themselves and their dreams out on show, humbly asking for support, get on board and help out! There’s not better way to enrich and grow the world of indies, than people pitching together to see dreams and projects become a reality. The big guys (the major recording/ filming studios and publishing houses) have their own fire-power, but when it comes to the little creative souls (Indies), their power lies in the people.

So, step in and become a part of the indie community. It’s really quite awesome down here, because down here is where the seeds are planted, and the stones are placed. And you, the contributors, supporters, fans and enthusiasts, are the water, earth and air; the many parts of a greater force, which empower dreams to launch and take flight, to the stars and beyond.

So, here we go. Wish me luck! And a huge THANK YOU in advance for any support (financial or word-of-mouth) you can give.


About WhimsicalWerecat

In short - Creative extraordinaire, warrior princess, dragon-lover, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and most assuredly and proudly peculiar!
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