CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – Book and Author Highlight!

The Christmas season is upon us! My favourite time of the year. And yes, part of the reason for my enjoyment is the buzz and lights and food and festivities … but what I love most is the spirit of Christmas. The spirit of generosity and kindness; of giving more than receiving, and offering of time, finances and talents toward things like concerts and carols, charities and get-togethers.

The heart of Christmas beats to a beautiful tempo of hope and peace, and the wonderful gift of giving freely; a reflection of God’s love of the world and the gift of His son, Jesus.

Now, I may not have a lot to give (certainly not enough of what I would love to be able to do), but I do have this blog, and I do have the ability to share. And what I want to share with you all are some fantastic authors and their works.

Books make awesome Christmas presents. We all know it! 😉 And while I am sure there are plenty of titles already on your “to-get” lists, I hope you will consider adding some of the following stories. Not only do I recommend them because they are great stories (I’ve read some, and have the others on the top of my “to-read” pile), but the authors are wonderful people. And if you’re considering blessing a particular type of individual this holiday season, let it be a hard-working author. 🙂

Without further ado … here we go!

FIRST UP, a treat for the sci-fi fans! The action-packed System Series, by Australian author, Kynan Waterford, are a sure bet in galactic entertainment. Each book will be themed around each of our solar system’s planets. The first two books are available, titled Jupiter: Illusions of Faith, and Pluto: Secrets Within.

jupiter illusions of faith system series 1     Pluto secrets within-Kynan-Waterford

Each novel is stand-alone, meaning the stories and characters are completely separate from one another. So, it doesn’t matter which book you read first!


Kynan is a awesome guy (we had our book stalls next to each other at Comic-Con Brisbane 2015), who knows his stuff when it comes to blending science and fantasy. I highly recommend giving his stories a go. You’ll not only be support a hard-working author, but you’ll get some great adventures, too. You can check out his website HERE.


NEXT, we have something for cat-lovers! Author Meg Welch Dendler has created a fun and out-of-this-world feline adventure series based on her family pets! The award-winning Cats In The Mirror series is sure to delight readers of all ages, particularly those who have a soft spot for our furry and whiskery companions.

kimba saved the world   22850532   22377839

The first three books in the series are available, with more on their way, including another companion story to the series!

Meg Dendler

Meg is a wonderful story-teller, and an equally wonderful person. I enjoy following her updates, and encourage you to check out what she has to offer. You can find out more about her and her books HERE.


DRUM ROLL for the next featured authors, please! I proudly introduce the brother-and-sister writing duo, Nicholas and Alison Lochel, and their well-received fantasy series, Zarkora.

zarkora book 1     9780734416445

Zarkora is a four-part fantasy series full of adventure and quests and all manner of fascinating creatures (including dragons!) and characters. The first two books are available, with the third due for release next year. Kids (and kids at heart) are sure to enjoy these books!


Nicholas and Alison started out as self-published authors and ended up with a full contract with one of Australia’s largest publishers! A dream come true for them, and well-deserved (they are both really awesome people). Their writing journey is an inspirational one, and I encourage you to read about it. Check out their website HERE.


AND, continuing on with some more fantasy adventures! The next set of books are from the Australian Fantasy Adventure series, written by the endearing Jeanne E. Rogers. Full of adventure and heart, the middle-grade books are flavoured with unique and endangered animals, with sketches and a glossary highlighting the flora and fauna found in the story.

sword of demelza     51KIybE5PyL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_

There are currently two books available, both based on Australian native wildlife, with the animals as the heroes (and villains)!


Such a wonderfully unique idea, and a powerful tool promoting nature and the importance of taking care of the other living things that share our planet. Jeanne’s love of wildlife shines through in her books, as does the spirit of adventure. Highly recommend giving these stories a go. You can find out more about Jeanne and her books HERE.


NEXT we have a NEW RELEASE! K. M. Weiland’s new high-flying historical deiselpunk adventure, Storming, has arrived in time for Christmas! This one is on my wish-list, and I don’t have to have read it to know it’s going to be good! With biplanes, sky pirates, and a girl who falls from the sky, I can’t wait to get into this book.

16865090._SY540_     16166626

But what’s even better is that Storming is just one of several of Weiland’s works. She’s also written a western, a medieval epic, and a portal fantasy (see Dreamlander image above). If any of those sound tantalizing (and they all do, to me!), then I recommend you jump onto her site and check them out!


K. M. Weiland is not only a great writer, but an invaluable asset to the writing community. She’s an award-winning and internationally published author, who spends countless hours providing valuable writing information and resources via her blog. She’s also written several works catered toward writers, including Outlining Your Novel, and Conquering Writer’s Block. She is awesome! Check out her awesomeness HERE.


LAST but certainly not least, is another NEW RELEASE from my very own editor, Michelle Hauck! Her latest novel, Grudging, published by Harper Voyger, is the first book in the Birth of Saints series.

grudging-cover     Cover5

A fantasy story woven with fascinating elements and solid world-building, Grudging is a gem to add to any fantasy-lovers collection. In addition to Grudging, Michelle has also written Kindar’s Cure, another well-written fantasy tale.


Michelle is an exceptional writer, and knows her stuff when it comes to plotting and editing. She’s been invaluable during the editing stages of my books, and has taught me a lot about my writing and style. Plus, she’s a really cool person, who has contributed immensely to the writing community, not only as an editor, but as a blogger, mentor and contest judge. Her works are well worth your time. Check out her website HERE.


And there you have it! Six amazing authors who I give a shout-out to, and recommend their books. If you’re still hunting around for Christmas gifts, any one of these books would make an excellent choice. And you’ll not only be getting a present for someone you love, but you’ll be giving the gift of support to amazing creative hearts!



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