Cover Reveal for DUAL DESTINY

Pull back the curtains and turn up the applause, it’s time for the next COVER REVEAL in the Dragon Calling series!

For the many eager fans patiently anticipating the release of BOOK THREE, here is your chance to whet your appetite. For not only do you get to find out what the next installment in the series is titled, but you get to see the cover art!


The Official Cover!

The Official Cover!

Following the theme from the first two designs, the cover spotlights a featured character you will meet in Book Three. And, progressing from the night background for KIN SEEKER, and dawn background for THE BEACON THRONES, the sky scene has advanced to full day (with wind-tossed clouds darkened with the threat of a possible turn in the weather).

The biggest challenge with this design was the colour for the main text. I tried multiple hues of different shade and intensity, and in the end found the deep red to be the best overall fit (even though it does not stand out as much as the previous titles). I tried a white shade … but it was too bland. Tried a darker blue-grey … but there’s already so much of that colour on the cover. Asked for outside opinions, and got back the same response: the red hue works best. And so red it is!

And here is the book’s BLURB (paperback version):

“So, you are willing to do anything for the chance to rescue your friend—that is what you are truly saying, yes?”

Laeka’Draeon and his companions have awakened the first of the Beacon Throne guardians. But only with the power of all four guardians can he hope to stop Valadae’s imminent destruction and fulfil his calling as the last of the dragons.

His journey takes him west, into a kingdom rife with conflict and unexpected perils. And when one of Laeka’Draeon’s friends is captured by Trappers, his actions lead to terrifying consequences.

Twisted magic, wicked schemes, and a choice that threatens to doom his quest to failure—Laeka’Draeon faces his greatest challenge yet, and this time the powers of a dragon are useless.


DUAL DESTINY releases NEXT MONTH (March 12th)! I will be spending this week working on the eBook versions (Smashwords and Amazon Kindle) to get them ready for pre-order. Once they are ready, I’ll send out notifications so all your wonderful dragon-seekers can pre-order your copy. 😀

ALSO, I’ll aim to have the book added into Goodreads by the end of the week, so all you lovely Goodreads readers can add to your “To Read” list, if you want.

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