Quiz Time! Creatures of Valadae

Wow, I had planned to get this post out over a week ago, but the content took so much longer than I expected.

Yes, as the name of the post suggests, I have done up my first official Dragon Calling quiz! And wanting to give the quiz as much quality and accuracy as possible, I went all out and dove into the research, personality divisions,  and creature/ character trait assigning like Nathan Drake dives into more trouble than he can handle. And, like our charming and reckless Uncharted hero, I somehow emerged in one piece.

Seriously, I put waaaay too much effort into this thing; it’s not even a critical part of my Dragon Calling world-building. I guess I just wanted to have a bit of fun, and put in the effort to share that fun with all of you: my followers and fans. 🙂

If you’ve ever done the Myers-Briggs personality test, then you know how in-depth that sucker is as far as categorising the different personality traits found in people. I mean, it has sixteen different results!

So yeah, I  built my creature-kind quiz on the foundation of the Myers-Briggs test (so there are sixteen different creatures from the Dragon Calling universe assigned to the personality categories). And that’s why I ended up spending days fiddling around with this quiz. So you better appreciate my efforts and take the time to do it and see what result you get! Or else!

Just kidding. 😉

It’s been a fun project to do, and I would have done it regardless of interest or lack thereof from anyone else. The quiz is composed of 40 questions, each offering two answers to choose from (making it simple to fill out). Each question has its origin inspired by one of the four, what you would call “foundational”, pillars of psychological and physiological influence:

Favourite World (which is comprised of Extroversion and Introversion)
Information (which is divided into Sensing and Intuition)
Decisions (which is broken down into Thinking and Feeling)
Structure (which is categorised into Judging and Perceiving)

I’m no expert on the proper and scientific way of breaking down and sorting out personality traits etc. so don’t take my written results too seriously. It’s just for fun!

And it would make my happy if whoever wanted to, did the quiz and shared their results (in the comments, or on my facebook pages). I am curious to see what people get (and to see if the quiz actually works to a decent degree, making the dozens of hours spent on it, worth while).

Anyway, I’ll quit prattling on now and give you what you’ve been waiting for.

Here it is, the first Dragon Calling quiz!


Creaturekind Quiz

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