UPCOMING RELEASE – The Beacon Thrones Companion Guide

I know it’s belated but … HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!



I have some EXCITING news for all you Dragon Calling fans.

Come February 12th, the second book in my Companion Guide collection will be available!



That’s right, The Beacon Thrones Companion Guide is on the cusp of publication! It will include new creature profiles, and new information of various locations Laeka’Draeon and company travel through in The Beacon Thrones novel; not to mention, new “General Knowledge” info, new (and very interesting!) histories/ fables, as well as the three newest, and ever-popular, Prologue Comics. There are over 50 illustrations, and 29 pages of comics!

Check out some of the illustration samples below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PLUS, I’ve gone ahead and added The Beacon Throne promo posters to the back of the book (just because they’re awesome, and I’m sure fans will appreciate the extra illustrations). I have also revised the Kin Seeker Companion Guide to include the Kin Seeker promo posters at the back too, so the Guides have similar content.

Anyway, I wanted to let all you wonderful fantasy compadres know about my upcoming release, to keep you informed, and to hopefully spark some interest! 😉

If you’d like to grab yourself a copy of the Guide, you can pre-order one right HERE!

That link will take you to my little Dragon Calling Shop. You can also grab yourself a copy of the Kin Seeker Companion Guide, too, if you don’t already one one! The pre-orders will really help toward supporting my online shop, so if you can pre-order, please do so! The Companion Guides are fantastic additions to the Dragon Calling universe, and a perfect addition to any fantasy-readers collection!

NOTE: Being a “Companion” Guide, it goes without saying that the information in the guide ties closely with details in The Beacon Thrones novel. So, if you haven’t yet read the book, I would not recommend purchasing the Guide (same goes for Kin Seeker novel, and Kin Seeker Comp Guide). BUT, you can easily remedy that problem by purchasing the book + the the guide! All my books are available on my Dragon Calling Shop.

ALSO: Don’t forget, I still have my Dragon Plushie project ongoing over at GoFundMe.


If you want to see the Laeka’Draeon plush go through to production, your support will help make it happen! Any pledge amount helps, and your name will down on my list of “Awesomely Awesome People That I Will Be Grateful To Forever”. Doesn’t that sound nice! 😉

Oh! And I can’t forget to mention the other tier reward you can choose on the GoFundMe project page (aside from the plushie). I spent weeks working on these beautiful Special Edition Dragon Calling Character Cards. They will come in the large ‘postcard’ size (I originally put them as 5×7 inch in size, but I believe they will actually be BIGGER: A5 size).


So if you’re more of an art fan than a plush fan, you can order the Character Cards instead!

Aaaand, that about wraps up my ramblings! I apologise that it’s basically all product promotion stuff but … actually, I’m not sorry. This is what I do for a living, and it’s you guys, my awesome fans, and your support, that help to keep me going. So, I’ve got to let you guys know about all my goods somehow, right?

Thanks for being awesome, and I hope to be able to post out a bunch of pre-ordered Comp Guides, come FEB 12th. 🙂



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