Updates on The Sword of Stars

Hey there, Dragon-Seekers! Just wanted to give you all a quick update on where everything is at regarding Book 4 in the Dragon Calling series.

Starry Night Poster 8

Sword of Stars Silhouette

I received my manuscript back from the editor a little over a week ago, and have been chipping away at further polishes while working on other things (namely my side project and the Promo-style Character Posters for Book 4).


I love getting my work back from my editors. “GASP!” Some of you might say. Aren’t editors scary red-blade wielding grammar Nazis who delight in tearing apart story babies and telling writers how awful their first drafts are?

Pfffttt, nonsense! Well, some editors out there may be a bit nasty, but I have yet to meet such a fearsome entity.

All of my editors have been amazing, and I have learned so much from them! Thank you Michelle, Kathleen, Elizabeth and Lynne! You guys ROCK! 🙂

Sure, the first time I got a manuscript back from an editor, is was a little intimidating, and there was a lot of red to work through. But well before I sent anything off to any editors, I decided that I would be the type of writer to take corrections in my stride, and with a positive attitude. And that has really helped me keep a professional and sanguine view-point when it comes to receiving feedback and correction from editors.

And with each publication, I’ve gotten better at self-editing, which means when I send my manuscripts off to the editors, they are able to refine my work without having to chug through mounds of bad writing/ poor dialogue/ or choppy scenes. They can more easily focus on smaller errs I have done, like trim down my dialogue tags, cut excessive adjectives, and help balance sentence structuring; and if there are any bigger issues, they can be spotted more easily without having to sift through layers of content that requires extra time to decipher.

So, I am currently half-way through my ‘Editor’ edits of Book 4. Afterwards, I will pass the book on to Beta readers for proof-reading while I work on formatting the book into eBook format.

I can’t believe I decided to set the release date as April 28th. It’s closing in so quickly! EEP!

I want to try and get the eBook pre-orders available as soon as possible, so stay tuned to my blog updates or any updates I put on the Dragon Calling Facebook Page! I was hoping to get some ARC copies of the paperback available by the end of March, too. That could still happen, so keep your eyes open for any info I share!

Oh, and for those who missed the Cover Reveal, here is the cover for The Sword of Stars (Book 4 of Dragon Calling):

2018 Book 4 Cover Art

You may notice it is slightly different than the one I posted for the Cover Reveal. That’s because I decided to change the “of” and not make it capitalized (although I’ve seen such a thing done on other covers). I just think the smaller caps looks better. What do you guys think? Should the “of” be capitalized or … no? Please let me know your thoughts!

Oh, and before I go, here are the Promo Character Posters for the book (which I kinda already posted to Facebook a while ago 😉 ) I’m super happy with how they turned out (thankfully, since they took 3 weeks to complete).

Poster Good Guys SS (3300x4686)

Poster Bad Guys SS (3307x4696)











Again, let me know what you think!



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