Wolves, Supanovas, and a Patreon Launch!

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”
– John F. Kennedy

Howdy to all my fellow Dragon-Seekers and web-wanderers. HOW is it over half-way through the year already?

Even though 2018 is sprinting along like a cheetah charged on red bull, I’ve somehow managed to accomplish a few (pretty awesome) things.

First off, in April, Book 4 of the Dragon Calling series launched!


Be freeeee!!!

And I’ve been hearing nothing but good things from readers; in fact, many have been saying that Book 4 (The Sword of Stars) is their favourite so far!


That makes me so happy!

In the months leading up to Book 4s publication, there was a lot of work in getting things finalised and ready, but I was also blindsided by new inspiration and began working on a fresh project (completely unrelated to the Dragon Calling series).

The idea for the project revolved around a wolf. A happy and dreamy, but lonely wolf.


A wolf story? Oh please, do tell!

I worked on the project throughout the first half of this year (on top of juggling all the Dragon Calling stuff) and completed it at the end of May; an illustrated children’s book called Lonely the Wolf, complete at around 700 words and 15 full-colour illustrations (aimed at ages 5-8).

Lonely the Wolf Front Cover2

Front Cover Sneak Peek!

Come June, one of Australia’s biggest pop culture conventions was looming (the Sydney Supanova), and I had booked a double table as an exhibitor! That was all well and good, but there were other things to organize: food budget, fuel budget, car hire, accommodation and all that super fun stuff. I am so grateful I had help in those areas; I could not have pulled off going to such a big event without the effort and support of my parents, sister, and close friend.

And so, teaming up with my sister and close friend, we road-tripped 13hrs from the Gold Coast to Sydney and took on the massive 3 day Supa Event!

I got to meet the Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell!

N and Arrow pic

And was able to get a photo with him!

I also met the bubbly and super-talented voice actress, Trina Nishimura.

Mikasa and Shifra

And she signed my Dragon Calling/ Attack on Titan Cross-over pic!

The Sydney trip and all that entailed was a full-on but invaluable experience. So many great things happened … except I was disappointed in the sales of my books. I still made sales, of course, and met some great new fans, but when I put in soooo much effort and expense (as well as others putting in effort and expense on my behalf) only to fall short of reaping a satisfying reward … well, let’s just say it was a bit disheartening.


I tried so hard and felt like I had failed …

Thankfully, my sister snapped me out of it (as she always does ❤ ❤ ❤ ) and I was reminded of the fact that when you are pursuing a dream, no matter how many times you “fail” or fall short, the important thing is to get back up and keep going. Learn from each experience; take the good from what you go through; look at all the things you can be grateful for; and press on.

Inspirational quote 12

Don’t give up

And so I did. I wrote down all the highlights and positive things that happened over the road-trip & convention and focused on those. I also forced myself to take a break after we returned home. One week of recuperating, mentally resting and re-inspiring myself. That one week kinda turned into two … but during that time I worked on my nephew’s birthday gift (a commission of Jinx from League of Legends), plus a few paragraphs for the next DC Companions Guides, so I wasn’t completely idle.

jinx picture

Time for a little bit of … CHAOS!

And I also had a revelation (well, more like a courage boost) about the Patreon platform.

Over the years I’ve had a few people ask if I ever thought about putting myself on Patreon as a means of support from fans. I thought about, on and off, but never really felt led to pursue that avenue … until now.

patreon cover

So, I am now officially on Patreon, and people can offer patronage on my behalf and become my patrons! If you’ve ever thought about financially supporting a creative person (beyond social media likes or one-time item purchases), then Patreon is the place for you to check out!

Patreon become my patron

Your support would mean so much!

AND, not only am I now on Patreon, but I am officially signed up with a film and branding agency, AND both the Dragon Calling series and Lonely the Wolf story have had their pitches (for film and publishing contracts) completed and sent out to various companies, studios, and publishers.


So exciting and nerve-racking!

Fingers crossed we hear some amazing news in regards to that, soon! But of course, those who decide to join my Patreon community will get all the latest news and updates first, so if you’re interested in following my journey from here on out, Patreon will be the best way. 🙂

So … now that I am feeling rejuvenated, I will continue to do what I do best: work hard at bringing stories to life through novels and illustrations. I thank all who have followed and supported my journey so far, and I give a pre-emptive shout-out to all those who will follow in the future.


‘Tis a grand adventure, indeed

Cheers to my Dragon-Seekers!



Disclaimer: I do not own or deserve credit for any of the gifs or pictured quotes I have used in this blog. I am, however, the artist/ owner of the Jinx illustration, the DC/ AoT Cross-over, and Lonely the Wolf cover.


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