Cover Reveal for The Last Calling

This is it Dragon-Seekers, the last Book Cover Reveal of the Dragon Calling series …

I hereby proudly display, The Last Calling, Book 5 of Dragon Calling.

2018 Book 5 Cover Art 1

The official cover! 99% locked in.

I am both incredibly excited to be arriving at this point, but also strangely unsure, and perhaps even a tiny bit uneasy. My journey with this series has been long (coming on 16 years!) and intimate (these characters have been a part of my life for so long, shadows in my mind, colours in the words that I write, expressions of energy pulled from my own soul). It’s strange to consider that soon the story will come to an end (at least, the main story).

Though at present I am still in the process of writing the 5th and final instalment of the series (I’m about half-way through the first draft), I wanted to share the cover with you in early celebration of the upcoming conclusion to this wonderful work that has enraptured me for so many years (and my wonderful readers over the past 6 years). I know where the story is going and how it will end, so the cover content (images and title) holds incredible significance.

As with all the other books, the theme of the transiting time-of-day continues as a prominent element in the cover. We have come full circle; KIN SEEKER held a night background, and now THE LAST CALLING does, too. The character(s) featured on this cover have been with the story since the beginning, and have both played a surreptitious yet vital roles in the events of the series.

And now, in the fifth and final book, readers will finally uncover the mysteries and motives of both characters in what I hope will be something truly memorable (and perhaps a little surprising).

As for the cover itself, it proved a reasonable challenge, though not to the degree of the previous book (The Sword of Stars). There’s a lot of light elements going on in this piece, as well as semi-transparent layers (Fargo, as well as Opal Eyes’ shirt), both of which were time consuming, but not terribly difficult. I suppose the real difficulty was balancing the effects of all the light energies (making the image look powerful, but not too busy). What do you guys think? Did I manage to pull it off? I welcome your feedback. 🙂

Oh, and just to give you even more of an appetiser, here is the back cover Book Blurb (still subject to alterations):

“At last I can show you. At last you will see; see the truth that has brought us all to this desperate brink. The truth of the dragons, and their calling.”

The power of three Beacon Thrones has been temporarily restored. One Throne remains. Along with Belzor’s revelation, Laeka’Draeon is at last closing in on obtaining enough power and knowledge to uncover the mystery of the dragons’ disappearance.

Sadukravon and his hobgoblin hordes have struck the first blow against Valadae, forcing the armies of the allied kingdoms to take action. A second Gathering looms on the horizon, but without the might of the dragons or the magic of Klonnoth Aire, the first counter-attack could be Valadae’s last.

Laeka’Draeon and his companions undertake their final trials under a terrible weight of urgency, coming face-to-face with astonishing revelations, and devastating truths.

At last, all mysteries will come to light under the looming shadow of a battle that will shape the future of Valadae and all its creature-kinds.


There is no official release date set for the book, but I am hoping I get my act together enough to have it finished and ready and printed in time for a late Nov/ early Dec launch this year.

Things I need to do before Book 5 can launch.

  • Actually finish writing the book (hopefully have it done in 4 months)
  •  Self-edit book + have early beta readers go over manuscript (approx 3 weeks)
  •  Send book to the editor (will take about 4 weeks)
  • Go through polishes and scrubs suggested by editor (another 2 weeks)
  • Give book to proof-readers for final rounds (give around 2 weeks)
  • Work on Promo-styled posters for Book 5 (the Enemies & Allies styled posters)
  • Format book into paperback and eBook editions
  • Add Book 5 into Goodreads, and also assign both the paperback and eBook editions ISBNs on the Thorpe Bowker website
  • Organize to have pre-ordering available
  • Work on paperback layouts and send book through to printers
  • Give copies of book to Distributor + QLD Library & Australian National library
  •  Organise a special Grand Finale book launch event (to celebrate the completion of the series)
  •  Officially launch book!

Can I do all that before the end of the year? I guess we’ll see!

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