Patreon Anniversary – Content Sneak Peeks!

July 12th.

The date will officially mark the 1st anniversary of my Patreon Creator Page. Page? Site? Corner? Nook? Whatever the correct terminology, my Patreon Page where I post a bunch of extra content and neat exclusives for those who have chosen to become my Patrons (Patron = amazing, awesome, special, generous person who really enjoys my work and wants to invest in it to continue seeing it seed, blossom and bear fruit).

SO, with the anniversary coming up (so fast! How has it been an entire year?!), I thought I’d share with the general populace, and my awesome Dragon-seeking Subscribers, a little of what I do over on Patreon; the content I share, and other etcs 😉


On (most) Monday’s I post a Weekly Inspiration Quote, and add my own two cents of thoughts to help inspire and encourage my Patrons as the new week commences (though, technically, the new week starts on a Sunday *shrugs*).

I alternate between movie/ series quotes & quotes from real people. Movie quotes get placed with a respective image from said movie/ series, and the real-people quotes with photos that I have taken myself. I create all the quotes on Canva, and never use quoted images put together by other people.

movie quote legend of aang 2

Example of a Movie/ Series Quote

own photo quote 1

Example of a Real Life/ Photo Quote

So, something nice to boost into people’s lives at the beginning of their weeks.

Throughout the week I will post one or two things of varying medium; a picture or a link or a snippet of some current WIP; a piece from an artwork collection or themed project, or just story content ideas and sneak peeks.


commission cat noir and ladybug sneak peek

Sneak Peek of WIP Art Pieces!


DC Pop Vinyl Concept Art Eminroth and Dontriavien

FUN Side Projects – like my DC POP Designs!


Profile Ametrine

My most recently completed Character Profile (an on-going project)


There are also some pretty neat exclusives which I put up from time to time, including the Creative Clouds, Author Trivia, and The Antics of a Gamer Geek Author comics.


Creative Clouds is fun and unique in that it gives Patrons insight into how my mind sees things. And clouds are an especially malleable object to gleam inspiration from. It also gives Patrons an opportunity to snap of shot of their own cloud images which they are welcome to send to me so I can add it to the pile of future Creative Clouds.

Creative Clouds Majestic Lion

Creating Art from Clouds!


Author Trivia is something I schedule for Fridays, and is simply some fun little bonus content about me as an author/ geek/ human being etc. Every Friday is a different Fun Fact, and is given from the POV of myself, my sister, or one of my cats (just to keep things interesting! 😉 ).

N Trivia Tidbit 2

A little Fun Fact about me/ my life every week!


The Antics of a Gamer Geek Author are less frequent (I create them only when I have the time), but still a fun addition to my Patreon Page, and exclusive to the mid-to-higher tiered Patrons. Basically, something interesting or hilarious happens in my life in a sequence worthy of a comic strip and … voila! I immortalise it!

Antics of N 1.1

Comics about Real Life Incidents? YES!


As if all of that is not enough cool stuff to check out, I also (try) to do fortnightly Discord Chats (where Patrons can hop on over to the Dragon Calling chat room and talk and ask questions and basically just chill out with me and other Patrons).

There are other more personal rewards too, like acknowledgements in future completed projects (see the acknowledgements page on this site). Such acknowledgements will also be included in any future completed novels.

The highest tiered Patrons also receive a monthly gift in the mail; mostly signed artwork, though I plan to change it up a bit in the future. They ALSO get to see old sketches and drawings of mine from many years ago (which is the most exclusive of all as I had never planned to show such things to anyone ever again, lol).

Patrons also get the inside scoop on project updates before anyone else, as well as extra thoughts/ photos/ polls/ tidbits I care to add.

I’ve managed to continue to give content for a whole year now, and hope to continue doing so!

If you found what I offer interesting, you are more than welcome to jump on over to Patreon and investigate further.

patreon cover

And in celebration of my 1st Anniversary, I will be giving current Patrons (and any new July sign-ups) a super special preview … the whole first chapter of my current WIP to read: The Last Calling (Book 5 of the Dragon Calling Series).

Yay for Special Occasion Bonuses!!!

There are also so many other amazing creators on Patreon who you can check out and support (artists, singers, writers, photographers, bloggers, you name it!). I support a few myself, and plan to seek out more and join their Patronage in the future.

Its such a great platform and community, where creatives and creativity-lovers can come together and ensure creative things happen!

If you’re someone who loves the idea of taking part in supporting artistic work on a personal, connected level, then it really is worth checking out!

Patreon Home Page Here I Come!


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In short - Creative extraordinaire, warrior princess, dragon-lover, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and most assuredly and proudly peculiar!
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