Special Rafflecopter Giveaway

Greetings to all you Dragon-Seekers and Web-Wanderers!

Today I have a special treat for you (particularly all you Dragon Calling fans): my very first Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Giveaway pic (1024x911)

Who doesn’t love a giveaway, right?

Although I will give a heads up to my wonderful web-wanderers that the one mandatory entry for this giveaway is to review x2 of the Dragon Calling books on Amazon. The reason? Well, it’s pretty clear: the books need some review love! I know a lot of people who have read the books and loved them, but the truth is that hasn’t been well-reflected on the Amazon sites.

And, believe it or not, reviews do make a difference; especially when it comes to the books’ visibility.

If dragon-seekers don’t see the books when browsing through the digital libraries, they won’t know they exist.

Or if they do stumble upon the books, but see that there are few-to-no reviews, they may wonder why and give the books a miss.

Cue author sorrow.


It’s the rain, I swear. *sniff*

But I shall not give in to despair (just yet).

I have you guys! Those of you who are official Dragon Calling Fans; who have read the books, and loved them, and perhaps just haven’t gotten around to leaving a positive review (though a massive THANK YOU to those of you who have already).

Perhaps you just don’t leave reviews for products you purchase (books included). Or maybe you’re not sure how (it’s really easy!).

cat begging gif

Reviews Puurty Please?

Whatever the reason, I hope this rafflecopter prize package is something that might inspire you to perhaps step out and do something out of your normal things-to-do (although, a lot of people’s things-to-do routines are being shredded at the moment … no need to mention why *cough* virus outbreak *cough*).

Aaaanyway, let’s look at what I’m offering in the giveaway:

Etsy Dragon Photo 1

Prize No. 1 is an awesome, Limited Edition plushie of Laeka’Draeon–the main character of the series! I designed him myself and then teamed up with Custom Toys UK to get a limited run produced. He is 45cm x 29cm, made of polyester (is super soft, well-stuffed, and has semi-posable wings) and comes with custom tags, which I have personally signed. He could easily have pride-of-place in any dragon-lovers hoard! Perhaps he will make his way into yours?

Prize No. 2 is a postcard collection of the Dragon Calling Characters Special Ghibli Edition. The images are of the main Dragon Calling group, done in watercoloured Ghibli-style. The currently displayed images are not of the final postcard format but the postcards will look similar. Plus, the winner of this raffle will be the first to receive these special illustrations (as they have never been available for sale).

Prize No. 3 is the Winner’s choice of one of the two currently available Companion Guides. The book is a fully-illustrated paperback, signed by yours truly. 🙂

SO, how does that sound for a prize package? Awesome, right? Yes, of course! 😉

The raffle will run from today to the 31st of March, and the winner will be chosen at random, plus, eh … well, all that info is available in the Terms and Conditions via the rafflecopter page itself. Click on the rafflecopter entry link below to find out more (and to enter).

I would love your support in getting some more reviews, and I’m sure you’d love to be the one to win this great prize package!

please gif

Take part in this great giveaway!

The best of luck with your entries! And be sure to share it around to other dragon-seekers. If this ends up being successful, I will most certainly do more awesome giveaways in the future.

Thank you in advance for sending some book-ish love my way.

Giveaway this this-a-way:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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