Cardinal Feathers and Silver Bells

Having pulsed through the epic and ancient histories of the world, division and prejudice are firmly etched into the cultures and creeds of the peoples.

On the surface, the elves hold dominion, and an ever-increasing allegiance with the other races inhabiting the lands. Beneath the sunlit soil, however, the vast chasms of the underworld are ruled by their counterparts: the drow.

The two races, as estranged as light from dark, stubbornly retain old hatreds and superstitions wrought over generations – fated, it seems, never to find a compromise toward peace.

Then, the most unlikely of events occurs, deep within an elven, evergreen forest … a half-elf unwittingly rescues the life of an exiled drow.

The lives of two strangers previously convinced of being enemies, are forever changed as each are confronted with the realities of their true natures … and in an unravelling of extraordinary events, the nature of the true enemy of both their worlds.

Cardinal Feathers and Silver Bells …

This is a story co-written by both myself and fellow story-teller, Eric Hamilton. Originally this tale was structured out in RP (Role Playing) form, and at this stage has not been converted into a more suitable design. But I have big plans for this marvelous adventure (Eric having already heartily approved)! Whether it be reborn as a trilogy of novels, a series of manga, or perhaps graphic-novel volumes, the decision has yet to be final. In any case, the project is not scheduled to begin any time soon, but I wanted to give it some small presentation on my site because it most assuredly is a story I believe is worthy of restoration and publication.

Cardinal Feathers and Silver Bells is definitely worth the wait, fellow fantasy-lovers! Oh, and are you curious about the title? Well, I guess you will just have to wait and see …

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