Chronicles from the Eldritch Kingdom

At present, any story derived from the Eldritch Kingdom universe is at a very early stage of developement (basically still all in my head). I have a few ideas on some of the plots for the series, and have started creating characters, but beyond that I have not dug too deeply to get this project sown and on the way to growing.

Unlike The Dragon Calling series, which is a High Fantasy, set in a completely fictional, secondary world, the Eldritch Kingdom is a “world-within-a-world”, where the setting is an alternate version of our world, set in 19th century England and Europe. Creatures of folklore and mythology are as real as any other being, although their domain – the Eldritch Kingdom – is an elusive realm, rarely glimpsed by mortals, despite existing right alongside the visible world. The boundaries separating them are thin, and as such creates many events where laws and creatures from the Eldritch Kingdom cross over into our own.

That is the basic summary of what the story/ stories will be based on.

Despite having done little more than brain-storm, I have actually done some Character Profiles of some of the main characters. I have put them up for all you readers to view. Enjoy.

Whim is one of the primary characters, but not the primary character. At this stage, it looks as though the stories will follow more than one main character, recording events from their different points-of-view, during certain significant times in their lives.

Thaiskiril is one of the oldest central characters, and will probably have a lot of stories to tell; unfortunately most of them will not have entirely happy outcomes. His life is a dark and complicated one.

Kyrosartemis is a thrill-seeker. A quiet contemplative life has never been his desire, and thus he is a constant wanderer, and lavishes in the adrenaline of hunting monsters. He will certainly have a lot to say when it comes to having his tales re-told.

Ea’kier’s snide and often humorous disposition is often an abrupt distraction from anything beyond his current circumstances and frame-of-mind. There is, however, a lot more to him than meets the eye.

And that is all I have, for the time being. I shall endeavour to add to this page, when I work on developing more of this project.


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