Stock of books, prints and dragon plushies are needing to be cleared out, so there are some pretty sweet deals happening for the month of JANUARY!

NOTE: This sale is only available for AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS.

Complete Book Packs

For the month of January, 2022, complete Book Packs will be available for ONLY $80. That’s a whopping 45% OFF if one was to purchase the books at the convention prices.

Book Packs include: the complete 5-part series of Dragon Calling (paperback) + the Kin Seeker and Beacon Thrones Illustrated Companion Guides (paperback).

OPTIONS: You can purchase a pack for yourself or a loved one, OR you can purchase a pack and nominate your local library (or school library) to receive it as a donation (mention in the contact form if you wish to donate to a library).


Book Packs are ONLY $80

A LIMITED number of Lonely the Wolf Packs are also available. Only $40 (down from $70).

Lonely Packs include:

  • Lonely the Wolf hardcover book
  • Cotton tote bag
  • Badges x2
  • Matte Vinyl Sticker Sheets x2
  • A5 Postcard
  • A4 Print
ONLY $40 (down from $70)

Dragon Plushies

There are still plenty of dragon plushies waiting to be adopted. These select, special edition plushies are exclusive to the Dragon Calling brand and come with signed tags. Soft and generously sized, these plushies would make the perfect companion for dragon fans of any age (although it is recommended that tags be removed if the plush is given to a child under the age of 3).

Plushies, while still available for the special convention price of $35, now also have the sweet JANUARY DEAL of 2 for $50!

Character Prints and Postcards

While stocks are available, ALL prints are selling at the un-missable clearance price of 50% OFF.


  • A3 Size Prints – $6
  • A5 Size Prints – $2.50
  • A4 Size Prints – $3.50
  • A4 Ghibli Group (DCG2) – $3.50
  • Ghibli Individual Cards Set (DCG) – $6.00

NOTE: All prints have a Letter/Number code to make it easy to pick and choose (without resorting to using their, often long, official print names).

Prints Available in A3 Size

NOTE: BTA, BTE, DDA, DDE, LCA, LCE, SSA, SSE are ONLY available in this size.

Prints Available in A5 Size

NOTE: LPC & O4 are ONLY available in this size.

Prints Available in A4 Size

Prints Available in A6 Size

These A6 Postcards come as a Set!


A6 & A5s – $5.00 (no limit to number of prints)

A4 & A3s – $8.00 (no limit to number of prints)

Book Packs – $15

Book Packs (Multiple) – $30

Plushies – $12 (limit of x2 plushies per postage box)

Plushies (Multiple) – $30 (up to x6 plushies per large postage box)

Plushie + Book Pack – $20

A6, A4, or A5 prints + Plushie (and/ or) Book Pack – $20

NOTE: A3 prints must be posted separately from other merch, as they require postage cylinders (not boxes).

NOTE: Pick-Up is Available for Gold Coast (and surrounding areas) residents!

NOTE: Once you’ve requested your order (via the contact form below) I will send you an invoice with the complete breakdown of payments (including shipping). If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to do my best to help resolve any issues or queries to the best of my ability. 🙂

How to Request an Order

  • Pick out what merch you’d like (e.g. a Dragon Calling Book Pack, a dragon plushie, 4 A5 prints, and 2 A3 prints)
  • Type in the items you want in the form below (e.g. x1 DC Book Pack, x1 Plushie, x4 A5 prints, x2 A3 prints)
  • If you’re ordering prints, type out the size and code that you want
    x1 C4 in A5
    x1 C6 in A5
    x1 O1 in A5
    x1 O4 in A5
    x1 BTA in A3
    x1 SSA in A3
  • Send the Contact Form with all required details filled in. PLEASE indicate whether you want to PICK-UP your order. Otherwise I will assume you need it posted and will add shipping costs to the invoice. Also, PLEASE provide your shipping address, so I know where to send your goods!
  • An Invoice will be emailed to you with a breakdown of your order and prices.
  • Once invoice has been paid, your order will be processed and shipped out to you as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you’re ordering a DC Book Pack and want it donated to a library, please indicate which library you have in mind.

NOTE: Any Book Pack that is donated to a library will have the shipping costs waived. 🙂

Remember, PICK-UP is available for local Gold Coast residents.