The creatures of Valadae are as remarkable and varied as the environments in which they inhabit. The realms within the eleven kingdoms are home to an incredible multiplicity of beings, from the sentient and imaginative, to the wild and instinctual, and every imaginable variation in between.

This section of the site is dedicated to profiling some of Valadae’s amazing inhabitants, both native and foreign, benevolent and wicked, beautiful and grotesque.

* Important definitions (regarding creature habitats and manna classifications) which will be a part of every Creature Profile on this Page:

Class – The 2 primary classes which all living creatures are categorised into: Denin (magical) and Et’denin (non-magical).

Lifespan – The given span is based on the average approximated over three generations.

Kingdom – While it is only sentient creatures who hold awareness of the borders of the eleven kingdoms, all creatures will be assigned to the kingdoms where the largest populations of their kinds reside.

Habitation – Some creatures are diverse in their adaptability to different environments, while others are more exclusive to certain regions. The following list of habitations is used for the profiling of where particular creatures are most likely to be found: Light Woodlands, Woodlands, Forests, Rainforests, Wetlands/ Marshes, Meadows, Moorlands, Valleys, Highlands/ Hills, Mountains, Wooded Mountains, High Mountains, High Valleys, Rocky Regions, Deserts, Steppes/ Plains, Grasslands, Rivers, Lakes, Pools, Coastal Waters, Caverns, Underground

Height – Given as an average found in the majority of that specific creature-kind (some creatures vary greatly in size depending on sub-type, gender, and magical ability, which can render the “average” height inaccurate)

Currently set in alphabetical order:


Centaur Profile 6 (891x1280)

Class: Et’denin
Lifespan: 500 cycles
Kingdom: Gelian
Habitat: Forests
Height (average): 7’8″ (from top of head)

Highly cultured and ethical, centaurs are one of the most influential creature-kinds in Valadae. Centaurs are passionate and assiduous, and often very linear in their personal and social pursuits. Physically, they are strong and fast, capable of bearing three times their own weight, and maintaining a full gallop for hours. Though centaurs are an Et’denin creature-kind, certain bloodlines have developed (over generations) Denin capabilities, particularly in the fields of Healing and Light magic.



Dragon Profile 6 (1026x1280)

Class: Denin
Lifespan: Near-immortal–Immune to the degenerative cycle of time
Kingdom: North-Earth and Setting Lands
Habitat: High Mountains, High Valleys, Caverns
Height (average): 8’6″ (from shoulder)

Dragons are powerful, intelligent, insightful creatures, although are received by other creature-kinds with mixed responses; revered by some, loathed by others. They are formidable opponents, fierce in their beliefs and judgments. Dragons are not native to Valadae, and have only dwelt in the lands for a little over seven centydes. They are famous for turning the tides of war to Valadae’s salvation during the War of Shores, and for building the seven colossal towers of Klonnoth Aire.



Faerie Profile 6 (982x1280)

Class: Denin
Lifespan: Varied—15-550 cycles
Kingdom: Enquelandria, Gelian
Habitat: Forests
Height (average): Varied—0’8”-4’11’’ (from top of head)

Faeries are a docile, winged creature-kind, native to the forest regions of Gelian and Enquelandria. Though they are generally reclusive, they are widely known and fancied across the kingdoms of Valadae. Faeries are curiously diverse in physical appearance. While all share the ability of flight, have cloven hooves instead of feet, and have a set of horns protruding from the forehead, their size, shape, colour, and magical adeptness vary depending on the sub-division of faerie-kind they belong to. Akin to unicorns and nymphs, faeries rely on their magical prowess for their physical health and are susceptible to fatigue, illness, and even death if their natural connection to the manna of the land is subdued or severed.



Hemlan Profile 6 (1049x1280)

Class: Et’denin
Lifespan: 150 cycles
Kingdom: Enquelandria
Habitat: Varied
Height (average): 6’1″

Hemlans are one of the most adaptive and impulsive creature-kinds in Valadae. Their original culture is difficult to find amidst the sultry blends adopted from other Valadilian kinds. Hemlans are curious and absorbent by nature and continuously combine their gained knowledge of the world to improve and expand their lifestyles. Biologically, hemlans are reasonably strong and agile for their size, and their growth cycle surprisingly fast for creatures of high sentience and intellect. One would expect such a creature to live at least three hundred cycles, but the average hemlan lifespan is only half that amount.



hobgoblin profile 6 (1176x1280)

Class: Et’denin
Lifespan: 350 cycles
Kingdom: Beruun Terrolaghn
Habitat: Mountains, High Mountains, Underground
Height (average): 7’5″ (from top of head)

The infamous Enemies of Valadae, hobgoblins are feared and abhorred by every sentient creature-kind across the eleven kingdoms. Destructively violent and blood-thirsty, they hold no empathy for other living things, and take pleasure in the torture and conquest of others. They are bestial by nature, with a strong pack mentality. Whatever a leader orders, their subordinates obey. Hobgoblins are incredibly strong, their broad upper bodies packed with muscles and large internal organs—primarily the heart and lungs—perfectly adapted to bouts of extreme physical exertion. With coarse fur, well-insulated flesh, and a slow metabolic rate, hobgoblins are capable of adapting to almost any climate, and can survive without food for several wreegns.



Ludas Profile (891x1280)

Class: Denin
Lifespan: 1000 cycles
Kingdom: Whelvenlailil
Habitat: Woodlands, Meadows
Height (average): 55’0″

The largest land-dwelling creature-kind, but also the gentlest, Ludas abide together in close family groups called pods. While they have separate physical bodies, Ludas are joined to one another through an intricate network of internalised manna, making them symbiotic in thoughts, memories, and sensory stimulations. They have large mouths, but no vocal chords, and so communicate through vibrations and Soul Talk, although they are capable of producing sonorous ‘rumbling’ sounds. The Ludas’ anatomy is as fascinating as it is strange. Lacking a stomach, digestive tract and lungs, they absorb nutrients from the air and soil through the tiny pocks covering their thick flesh and the malleable appendages growing from their spine.



Mifflin Profile 6 (932x1280)Class: Et’denin
Lifespan: 130 cycles
Kingdom: Gelian
Habitat: Forests
Height (average): 3’7″

Mifflins are an avian, tribal creature-kind, native to the forest regions of Gelian. They are genial creatures, with a cultural mentality of respect and kindness toward friends and strangers alike. While small in stature, mifflins are incredibly strong: able to carry objects ten times their own weight and size, even during flight. They have excellent sense of direction, and superb eyesight, which make up for their poor sense of smell and dulled taste receptors. The large feather follicles that grow above their ear holes are highly sensitive to vibrations in the air, and enable a mifflin to detect and identify sounds up to eleven miles away.



Satyr Profile 6 (1060x1280)

Class: Denin
Lifespan: 180 cycles
Kingdom: Gelian
Habitat: Forests
Height (average): 4’4″

Renowned for their raucous, unruly natures and love of festivals, satyrs are generally considered disruptive and unpleasant to those unfamiliar with their culture. While they can be raucous, satyrs are predominantly hospitable, hard-working and jovial creatures, with a passion for music and nature. While shorter and less graceful than fauns—their creature-kind ‘cousins’—satyrs are hardy folk, strong in will and body, with an impressive level of endurance. With large thigh muscles and a low centre of gravity, satyrs have good balance and are sturdy on their legs, no matter the physical activity.



Unicorn Profile 6 (1280x1259)

Class: Denin
Lifespan: Near-Immortal—immune to the degenerative cycle of time
Kingdom: Whelvenlailil
Habitat: Woodlands, Meadows
Height (average): 4’5″ (from the withers)

Known in the hilesal language as Elrathil’heris—the Beautiful Children—unicorns are considered the loveliest creatures in Valadae. They are also of the ten ruling creatures-kinds, and one of the oldest civilised kinds in the land, with a detailed history spanning back to the Elder Age. There is a general misconception throughout the other kingdoms that unicorns are solitary creatures, when in truth they are highly social amongst their own kind. The majority of unicorns are born with white fur and grey pigmentation of the skin, though a few bloodlines carry the rarer colouration of black fur and black skin. The rarest bloodline is what unicorns call a Goldling: a unicorn born with gold-coloured fur and flaxen mane and tail, and whose inborn abilities enable them to amplify the magical prowess of other unicorns, in addition to casting their own magic with greater potency.



Wescat Profile 6 (1028x1280)

Class: Denin
Lifespan: 40 cycles
Kingdom: Kiiyoten
Habitat: Underground
Height (average): 3’0″ (when standing upright)

Wescats are practical, highly adaptable creatures, with an innately resourceful disposition. Wescats are actively social and live in large communities, where families of all trades and bloodlines are treated with equal standing. Most have inquisitive natures, and are unapologetically candid in their opinions. Wescats have three layers of fur which helps protect their skin from the dirt accumulation during their burrowing expeditions. The claws on all four paws are long and straight, which enable them to excel in excavating, even without the use of stone-craft tools. They are quadrupeds by biological classification, but have adapted well to walking on their hind legs and adjusting their forelimbs and toes to handle objects and tasks with required precision.


More to be updated soon!


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