Favourite Things

To help you get to know me a little better, I thought I’d share with you some of my enjoyments and favourite things. Now, none of the following information is at all in reference to my opinion on what should or should not be the best. It is simply what I like, and what I enjoy. That being so, there are no grounds for argumentative comments or fervent difference of opinion. Just sit back, relax, read and conclude “Oh, so this is what she likes.”

NOTE: The following lists are subject to change at any time, because some favourite things stay, some go, and new ones inevitably come along. Go figure.

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Flower: Snapdragons & Orchids

Favourite Animal: Cat

Favourite Number: 11

Favourite Season: Autumn

Favourite Time of Day: Just after sundown

Favourite Super Power: Metamorphosis

Top 10 Movies:
Whisper of the Heart
How to Train Your Dragon
Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)
The Hobbit (Trilogy)
Pixar Collection (SO many great ones; some of my ultimate favs are Wall. E, The Incredibles, Brave, Inside Out, and Toy Story 3)
Super 8
The Greatest Showman
The Adventures of Tin Tin
Marvel Cinematic Universe (Favs are Captain America: WS, Thor, GotG, & Civil War)

Top 10 TV Series:
Person of Interest
Stranger Things
Criminal Minds
The Mentalist
Avatar: The Legend of Aang
Pride and Prejudice
Miraculous Ladybug
The Blacklist
(Honourable Mentions: Voltron: Legendary Defender, The Walking Dead, Dragons: Race to the Edge, Arrow, LOST & 24)

Top 10 Anime:
Fruits Basket
My Hero Academia
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Attack on Titan
D. Gray-man

Top 10 Games:
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Mass Effect Trilogy
Dragon Age (series)
Horizon: Zero Dawn
The Last Guardian
Uncharted (series)
Bioshock (series)
Alan Wake
Shadow of the Colossus

Top 10 Bands/ Musicians:
Thirty Seconds to Mars
Lindsey Sterling
Peter Hollens
We The Kings
Celtic Woman
Michael Buble

Top 10 Movie Themes:
Now We Are Free – Gladiator
Tennesse – Pearl Harbor
Merry Go Round of Life – Howl’s Moving Castle
Elora Danan – Willow
Main Title – Braveheart
Hymn to the Sea – Titanic
Evenstar – Lord of the Rings
Concerning Hobbits – Lord of the Rings
Journey to Transylvania – Van Helsing
This Land – The Lion King

Top 10 Movies I grew up with:
Star Wars (episodes IV, V & VI)
Indianna Jones
The Lion King
The Neverending Story
Beauty and the Beast
Anne of Green Gables
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
The Sound of Music

More to be updated!


2 Responses to Favourite Things

  1. sedweb says:

    Very similar to Gigi and my lists, Naomi. Notable differences are ‘Avatar’ and ‘Princess Bride’ on our movie list, as well as the more mainstream ‘Ghibli Studio’ anime movies.

    • There are so many great stories out there! It was really hard narrowing down my lists! And some things slip in and out of the top ten, depending on new appearances or my particular mood.

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