Valadae is a strange and wondrous land spanning from coast-tocoast below a vast, rugged range of mountains. Once known as the Border Realm, the dividing mountains were re-named Berunn Terrolaghn (or Black Mountains), after the natural energies of the landscape were destroyed by a cataclysmic event known as a Manna Eruption.

The Manna  Eruption occurred at least one hundred cycles before any chronicles of Valadilian history began to be officially recorded, so little is known of the mysterious northern lands or its creature-kinds before they were laid to waste by the terrible, destructive powers of the Eruption. The desolate wasteland stretching beyond Berunn Terrolaghn is known only as the Undone Lands.

There are eleven established kingdoms in Valadae, each ruled by one of the ten ruling creature-kinds, and inhabited by a colourful compilation of cultures, creeds and creatures.

Valadae Map 2


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