This page is dedicated to displaying information on some of the many extraordinary places located across the eleven kingdoms, and the subjects are not merely limited to geological locations. Cities, towns, landmarks and wonders both natural and crafted will be added to this section of the encyclopedia, to further enlighten all inquisitive readers and help them paint a more detailed mental picture of the world of Valadae.

Again, this is an area, like most of the others, that will receive continuous updates, so what is initially displayed is certainly not all that will be. Keep an eye out for new information from time to time!


beruun terrolaghn

Berunn Terrolaghn—A name from the hilesal language, meaning Black Mountains. Known long ago as the Border Realm, the enormous mountain range spanning across Valadae’s northern rim was re-named after an influx of corrupted manna permanently altered the natural energies of both plant and stone, right to their very core. Some believe the defilement was a direct result of the Manna Eruption that destroyed the northern half of Koventh. Others believe that the distortion was caused by something else – something that used the remnant energies of the Eruption to augment its own power. Whatever the origin, the mountains were irrevocably transformed into a barren, perilous domain, in which all manner of corrupted entities began to allot as a sanctuary, in order to thrive.

darks whelm

Darks Whelm—Once an enchanting, alluring domain, Darks Whelm now lingers like a poisonous blight upon the kingdom of Whelvenlailil. It is a perilous place, filled with dark, illusive magic and heavy with the tragedy of a once vibrant and virtuous past, long ago devastated.
Littered by ruins of a culture long lost and warped by illusionistic curses, this forest is void of any natural living inhabitants, and is instead infested by evil creatures spawned from an ancient, malevolent source. What remains of the plant-life has been either petrified into ashen silhouettes of their original form, or cursed to grow and shed an endless supply of already dead leaves. It is a place segregated from the cycle of seasons, doomed to continue each sunspan and sundark caught in the withdrawing warmth and lethargic chill of late usel.
Many believe that even if the corruption is somehow completely reversed, the forest would never return to its original state, and would simply become a place of haunting for spectres and wisps.


Elenoelian – Elenoelian is one of Valadae’s greatest temples, and is hailed as the centaurs’ finest archaeological achievement, even above that of Wylagel Palace – where the centaur nobility reside.
The temple is built from the remnants of a large, volcanic spire, although only one fifth is visible above the ground. The rest of the structure consists of several extensive sanctums, built deep underground, all from the earth’s natural cavities. It is Valadae’s largest temple, with the construction process taking close to three sentydes to complete.
Aside from its astounding size and structural design, Elenoelian is famous for two other reasons.
First, as opposed to being governed by a priest or priestess and the standard administrative team assigned under them, the overseer for Elenoelian is a centaur chosen during a sacred rite, and assigned the title of Misht’thurelin. Along with exactly forty two disciples, he/ or she is the keeper of both the temple and its surrounding grounds. Elenoelian’s current Misht’thurelin is Belzor Ven’ Ho.
Second, is the profoundly mysterious effigy known as Imurainiir: the Rapier of Revelation. It is from this strange artefact that the centaurs garner their famed ability to foresee events, both past, present, and future. The Imurainiir is a well sought after treasure to behold, by kings and commoners alike, however seldom few have been allowed to glimpse the strange object, or the chamber inside Elenoelian in which it is kept.
It is one of Gelian’s most guarded national treasures.

grey hill valleys

Grey Hill Valleys – Located along the eastern verge of the kingdom of Bandu’ur are the rolling tors of the Grey Hill Valleys – named due to the rare wild grass called silver els which, when viewed from any distance, give the hills a hue of shimmering grey. Silver els only grow in the south-eastern hills of Bandu’ur, and are a prized plant to herbalists from all across Valadae.
Several destydes ago, the Grey Hill Valleys was home to several small settlements whose livelihood revolved around the keeping of sheep and goats. Over several sunspans, a series of unusual earthquakes occurred, which caused an underground collapse to block the flow of water that fed the surface river running healthily through the region, and hence stemmed the hamlets’ crucial water supply. Shortly following that calamity, a group of bandits attacked the area, setting fire to most buildings and massacring a majority of the inhabitants. Presumed to have fallen under some curse of misfortune, the Grey Hill Valleys was thus abandoned by settlers, leaving an empty road and lonely stone ruins as a memorial to that terrible incident.

Klonnoth Aire – Valadae’s most famous architectural structures are the seven colossal towers known as Klonnoth Aire. Built by the dragons, using stone from the core of the land infused with incredibly powerful magics, the towers stand across the length of North-Earth and repel all entities and forces tainted by the corrupted manna of Berunn Terrolaghn.
The towers took the dragons nearly seven hundred cycles to fully complete, and the reason can be clearly seen in the awe-inspiring magnitude of their architecture. Ranging from 10 to 16 miles in diameter, each of the towers soar to unimaginable heights, believed to be close to reaching the outer edge of the atmosphere. The common term used to describe the sheer distance of Klonnoth Aire’s span skyward is, “Reaches the Eternals”.

omet woods

Omet Woods – Stretching across a large portion of the eastern kingdom of Whelvenlailil, are the wild and mysterious Omet Woods. In reference to its name, the word ‘omet’ means ‘old’ in the hilesal language, named by the unicorns justly, for the forest is believed to be the oldest in Valadae, standing since before the Elder Age.
In estimation, the forest covers roughly a third of Whelvenlailil’s countryside. There are no roads leading through the Omet Woods, and no established townships, for the forest is wild and untamed, full of ancient magic which only the unicorns are able to quiet.
Even though no cleared passage has been made through Omet, or any village established by settlers, the forest still hosts Lailil-thenen, the capital of Whelvelailil. Lailil-thenen is a sacred glade home to the unicorns of the Omet Woods, and visible to only those whom the unicorns allow to see.

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