Star Chart

As it would be expected, Valadae’s celestial sky scape is very different from our own. There are 46 named constellations, 13 of which make up the universal zodiac ring (otherwise known as the Valadilian Ecliptic). In other words, 13 of the major constellations fall into the apparent path the sun makes across the sky, during the course of a cycle.

It is from these constellations that the 13 fulons (the Valadilian equivalent of a month) derived their names. For more details on the fulons, have a look at the star signs page. In the order commencing at the start of a year, to its end, the name of the constellations/ fulons are:

Orpius (The Awakener)
The blooming flower.

Fola (The Delighter)
The fae butterfly.

Plaitos (The Learner)
The spell-casting dragon.

Boem (The Befriended)
The feline twins.

Trigganer (The Harvester)
The double-bladed scythe.

Brai (The Wild)
The untamed beast.

Villus (The Protector)
The warrior seraphim.

Theur (The Enchanted)
The manna tree.

Krayton (The Listener)
The white crucifix.

Celsi (The Dancer)
The carefree ki-lin.

Sorpenteir (The Charmer)
The flying serpent.

Naphamer (The Hunter)
The mythical hunting bow.

Meloss (The Silent)
The evaish silver tubes.



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