For those who enjoy a good rhyme or verse, inspirational lyrics or pondering prose, I have dedicated this page to the poetic ruminations of my mind. It will be added to whenever I complete a work I feel is polished enough to put out on display. Read and enjoy fellow creative creatures!


The Forever Enemy

Tread carefully through these corridors within thee,
Keep thy path illumed in shepherding shafts of light.
For in dark corners whispers harrow ceaselessly,
Tempting thee to turn and fall into thine own blight.


The Painted Man

Comes the time when you stop and look
And a painted man stares back
A man you do not know
After all those years of deluded delving
In frivolities and flights of fancy never yours
You find yourself swallowed up by them
And forgotten is the man you supposed should be
Come that time you must step the ledge and fall
And unfurl your weathered, weighted wings
To cut right through those wayward winds
Where both faith and terror peel away the stifling hues
Until the air currents capture you in newness
And lift you to heights beyond imagining
Comes the time when you stop and look again
You will find a stronger man
A better man
The man you remembered from your dreams
Painted with the colours of your own choosing


The Boy and the Stars

As dreams and wishes whirled around me in a maelstrom of colours and sounds, I turned and found myself beholding him.
Standing there, he was looking to the sky, and yet I perceived a greater depth of keenness in his gaze; he was looking beyond the sky, far away into some considerably more magnificent expanse.
Then he turned, and he looked at me. Smiling a soft, radiant smile he said, “I scaled among the stars, seeking to attain my happiness. And lo, they looked to me and sang a crisp and blissful song, and told me I could find that gladness of heart, right here with you.”


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