RIN – Someone Like Me

For the past few months, I have suspended doing the difficult (but essential) chapter editing for my Dragon Calling series, due to a sudden inspiration for an illustrated children’s book. So abrupt and personal was the idea, that I felt it quite necessary to put everything else writing-related on hold in order to set down and work through this new little tale.

Two and half months, 500 words, and over 40 illustrations later … I have finally finished it. Originally, I gave it the title of Someone Like Me, but upon discovering there was another children’s book already out there with that same title, I’ve also opted for the substitute, RIN (which is the name of the book’s primary character). Book titles are never really set in conrete until the publishing stage anyway, so I am not too concerned with what the story will end up being called.

At any rate, I’m really excited about this newest (and unexpected) addition to my literary creations. The theme it centres around is something close to my heart, and I feel a lot of people (not just kids), will be able to enjoy and relate to it.

Here is a brief blurb to give you an idea of what the story is about:

Adventurous little Rin capers through her woodland home, happily scampering over tree roots, pouncing through purple toadstools, and chasing after butterflies. But when she tries to imitate the activities of the other woodland creatures – with discouraging results – she begins to wonder if her way of doing things differently is somehow wrong. Then, she meets Kipp, and discovers that being different is not being wrong at all.

And here are some samples of the illustrations I did for the story:


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