The Twelve Whims of Christmas

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Greetings mortal adventurers! The Whimsical Werecat has returned – at the most opportune of times I might add – to awaken and inspire within your soulful natures some random acts of kindness. After all, is this not the time of year for your seasonal celebration of giving, cheerfulness, togetherness and support?

Well then, I have the perfect compilation of memorable mesmerising musings for this most merry occasion!

It is time to inspire you with some ideas on how to show kindness to all your fellow creative creatures out there. If you have companions or kin who are artistic, musical or literary in their expressions toward life, then by all means take the time to complete the list I have plotted out for you below.


The First Whim of Christmas – Do in Deed, not just Word

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Do you have a friend or family member who has a book published? If you haven’t already read it, why not do so – even if it’s a genre you normally don’t pick up. Adding that single number to the list of purchased copies may not seem a big deal to you, but it is to the writer! The act of buying a copy of their work (whether paperback, e-book or hardcover), will mean more to them than any declarations of “well done” or “I hope your book does well”.

The Second Whim of Christmas – A Little Boost of Youtube

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Do you know someone who is starting out in their musical career, or is on the road to following their dreams of putting out an album? If they have any of their songs up on Youtube, take the time to listen to them and leave positive comments, or maybe even “Favourite” or “Like” some of the ones that leave a memorable ring in your ear. Even if their style of music is something you might not normally listen to, you can still show your support. Every click and comment counts!

The Third Whim of Christmas – The Goodness of Goodreads

Goodreads Logo

Read any books recently that you enjoyed? Or even if it wasn’t so recent (but you still enjoyed the book), why not jump on over to Goodreads and give the book a positive rating! Taking just a few extra minutes to put your opinion up for others to see will boost the books standing, and in turn be a positive power toward the writer.

The Fourth Whim of Christmas – A Blog of Choice

Blogger Logo

If you enjoy reading the antics, inspirations and adventures from those with a talent for prose, why not take the time to look around and stop by a blog site of interest and “follow” them. If there are articles or particular topics that you like – leave a comment! You’ll not only boost the blogger’s traffic, but you’ll boost their spirits, too!

The Fifth Whim of Christmas – A Friend in Facebook

Facebook Logo

There are thousands of artists, musicians and writers that have their own Facebook page designated to show off their work. Why not take the time to look around and find some that you like, and go ahead and “LIKE” them! You never know where such whimsical acts of kindness may lead you, but it is sure to result in something good.

The Fifth Whim of Christmas – Pinterest some Interest

Pinterest Logo

Know any artists or photographers who have their work up on the internet? Pin it on Pinterest and share it around so that others can enjoy and discover some great new talent! Don’t forget to mention who the artist is, and maybe even sneak in a link to their website or gallery!

The Sixth Whim of Christmas – Momentum for the Muso

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There are so many artists out there competing for attention in the music industry, even if just for their own small, dedicated following. If you have a friend or family member who is working toward getting their first album out there, don’t hesitate to support them! Buy the album as soon as it’s available, and if it’s something you really enjoy, share it around with others so that they may enjoy it, too (and maybe even buy a copy of their own!).

The Seventh Whim of Christmas – Do in Word, as well as Deed

Word of Mouth Icon

Read a book you liked? Tell others about it! Found an amazing work of art online? Tell everyone you know where they can find the artists gallery, so that they can check out the awesomeness for themselves. Listened to a great tune from a lesser known muso? Share your interest and enthusiasm with friends, family and co-workers. Even if they may not like that style of music, they may know someone else who does! Word of mouth is a powerful tool in the creative industry, so why not use it to help a fellow creative creature?

The Eight Whim of Christmas – Sound from the Cloud

Soundcloud Logo

Perhaps you are following a favourite artist, band or podcaster on Facebook, and their website and Twitter, but why not add to that list by “Following” or “Liking” some of their work on Soundcloud! Remember, every little click counts!

The Ninth Whim of Christmas – Looking Out for Those Behind

Nuthatch-fledgling - copyright birdingmaine 2009

All creative creatures started off at square one. Perhaps you are one such creature, and have spent countless hours of research and making connections and bending to the learning curves (oftentimes sometimes crashing down in a heap). But now you are well on your way, and are reaping the rewards of all your strenuous efforts. Well, there are many more fledglings trailing along behind you who could really benefit from your knowledge and experience! Why not find a site (like AQC) where those fledglings gather, and instil them with words of wisdom or encouragement. Wouldn’t it be great if something you said or posted helped other fellow creators to avoid all the mistakes that you made during your journey?

The Tenth Whim of Christmas – Time for A-Twittering

Twitter Logo

Let’s not forget the power of Twitter! If you have and acquaintances, friends, or friends of friends who are a creative creature with their own Twitter account, by all means follow them! Tweeting around enough will be sure to get others interested, and from that your support can create a whole addition to their following.

The Eleventh Whim of Christmas – Supporting the Capturers of Memories

Camera Photo - taken from Coolaz website

Do you know someone who has started their own photography business? If they do professional photo shoots, why not get some done through them! Or if you know of anyone who is in need of a photographer for a particular occasion, why not recommend your friend to them? Never underestimate what your individual support can achieve!

The Twelfth Whim of Christmas – Beyond the Creative Creatures

ark'd Culture

And while we are all in this spirit of giving and stepping out to support and benefit others, let’s not merely limit ourselves to the creative creatures within our circles of influence. Why not take a page from these fine people from ARK’D and perform any act of random kindness to anyone we come across! You may be surprised at much you get in return, by giving freely of yourself.

And there you have it, oh mortal readers, my Twelve Whims of Christmas. So go ahead, pick one or two or even ten Whims to accomplish over the Christmas season! Share the love, spread the word of great talent, and support those who help add colour and vivacity to our wild and whimsical world.

Until next time, keep your courage and curiosity at hand!


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