Enter 2013 – Year of the Water Snake!

Well, here we all are, with 2013 rolling across the present timeline of our lives. And a very big welcome to this new year – the Year of the Snake (or to be more precise, year of the Black Water Snake, according to the Chinese Five Element Astrology Calendar)!

For some, the transition from one year to the next is nothing to make any sort of fuss over. For others it may be just an inconvenient or generally inconsequential bump in their carefully plotted schedules. But still for others, this time marks a very significant and special point.

Generally, this turn-over of our calendar signifies a time of things ending, and a chance for new things to begin; a time of reflection, and a time of renewing; a chance to challenge ourselves to do something different, to be somebody better, or perhaps stay the course we began the previous year – knowing that continuing that path into this new year will bring about even greater results.

If 2012 was not such a great year for you, now is the time to turn the page over and begin anew. Don’t carry old prejudices, regrets or unforgiveness from months past into this new time. Doing so will only cast 2013 with the same shadow that haunted 2012. I know letting go of some things or breaking off bad habits is never easy. If it was, we’d all be fit, healthy, happy, and possibly quite rich. But if ever there was a time to take a deep breath and turn and face your fears or woes in order to stand against them and overcome, now is the time to do it! Right here, at the beginning of 2013. The start of new things. The start of something better.

But it’ll be up to you, and what you choose to do, that will shape the days and months to come. Wishing for something is a good start, but it doesn’t get you any further than that unless you decide to step out and take action. So let us all start doing more this year, and not merely hoping or wishing for it. Let us make 2013 a year the best we’ve had so far!

And here are a few tips from our wonderful fictional inspirations on how you can help yourself achieve that best-ness!

Long-suffering – Be hospitable and patient with people, even if you feel like you shouldn’t have to in that situation (or they don’t deserve it). Others will always remember how you react in unexpected circumstances.

Bilbo Baggins the Unexpected Host

Good Advice – Listen to it, even if at the time you don’t find it helpful or relevant.

Navi the Fairy

Humility – Use your talents and gifts for the benefit of others, and not for your own glory. You will find a much greater satisfaction.

Merlin - From BBC Series

Be Yourself – Do what you know you are meant to do, and be who you are meant to be. You never know how many people benefit or rely on you being true to yourself.

Disney's Wreck-it-Ralph

So, make the most of every moment, fellow writers, readers, bloggers and browsers. And may 2013 be your year of many unexpected, but rewarding, adventures!


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In short - Creative extraordinaire, warrior princess, dragon-lover, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and most assuredly and proudly peculiar!
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