Wacom, Warrior, and Watercolours!

As far as writing/ editing, this month has not been particularly successful. But in saying that, I can’t really rate my productivity on that area, alone.

Big things have happened this month, not the least of which was one of my housemates moving out and getting herself married (congratulations, Katrina!). There have also been room-swapping missions, furniture purchases (including a much-needed new writing desk and glass drawing desk), war and victory over illnesses, and what feels like an avalanche of other happenings (although could possibly be not much at all in comparison to others).

There have also been some other exciting events, including the purchase of my new Wacom Bamboo Tablet (Manga version). Yes! It has finally happened. I have finally purchased a digital drawing tablet. After being content doing my drawings and illustrations via other methods for years, my increasing desire to start working on professional comic projects made the need/ want for a quality drawing tablet quickly become top priority.

And so, now I have a tablet! I have heard that for some artists, the learning curve of a tablet is quite challenging. With that knowledge looming over me, I wondered how I would fair on my very first try. I needed to take the first step, sooner rather than later, so after checking out some tutorials on how to work with digital water-colours, I opened Corel Painter 12, opened the chosen sketch (a warrior wielding a sword), took a deep breath, and began.

The first few inking lines sucked. That’s the honest truth. And why on God’s green earth did I choose a sketch with a massive great sword in it?! Requiring massively smooth lines, that seemed massively impossible to achieve with my current tablet skill level?! *face palm*

Thankfully for my naturally steady hand, I got use to the tablet more quickly than I anticipated. And now, after finishing my first watercolour artwork using the tablet, I am eager to start on other sketches to perfect my technique!

Here is the picture I completed using my wonderful new wacom tablet:

Warrior in Watercolour

It’s certainly not my best work, but it was my first time using both watercolours and a tablet, and was really more of a practice run than anything else. Still, didn’t turn out half-bad, eh?

Looking to the future, I am excited about what I can accomplish with all my new creative tools (including the new Manga Studio 5 and Anime Studio Pro I also recently purchased). So keep an eye out for a bunch of awesome new pictures I’ll be adding to this website in the not-too-distant-future.

Good times ahead, fellow creative souls. Good times ahead.


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