The Fa’Luffy Review!

Oh June, where did you go? Did you even come?

Seriously, the last month has been so busy with ideas and plans and schemes revolving around getting Kin Seeker (the first book in the Dragon Calling series) ready for its eBook debut, that I didn’t even have time to do a June blog!

Fortunately, despite my blog lapse, a lot of progress was made in regards to Kin Seeker, including its final copy edit, and final covert art concept designs. In addition, I’ve been working on a bunch of new pictures and page layouts, which I plan on putting up on the website within the next month (get ready for a fancy revamp!).

But more on those exciting changes another time.

THIS particular blog is all about sharing a new and fun addition to the blog categories. Today, I introduce my new Critique Minion … *drum roll*


Fa'Luffy Dragon Intro Pic (996x1024)

He’s big, round, red, and FLUFFY! He loves to eat cushions and give his opinion on things, whether it’s asked for or not.

That’s right! This site now has its own ‘official’ reviewer of all things fantastical and interesting in the categories of console games, books, and movies. The Fa’Luffy Dragon Review blogs will be dedicated to Fa’Luffy’s (my lounge-room mascot) opinions of various viewings, readings, and gaming experiences that transpire in his domain (namely, my lounge-room).

Any stories – whether in paper, pixel, or motion picture – that catches Fa’Luffy’s eye for all the right reasons will get the:

Fa’Luffy Stamp of Approval!

Prepared to be Fa'Luffy Approved!

Prepared to be Fa’Luffy Approved!


The reviews will follow a simple format of questions, including the things Fa’Luffy approves of the most, and what things made the “Fa’Luffy Disproves” list, and thus receive the:

Fa’Luffy Stamp of Disapproval!

Fa'Luffy Dragon Disapprove Stamp (1024x1001)

You do NOT want Fa’Luffy’s disapproval…


There could potentially be a scoring system at some stage (a scoring from 1 to 10 for example), although Fa’Luffy is currently undecided on that addition.

Generally, since the Fa’Luffy Review is just starting out, additions (or subtractions) to the details of each review will be made if proven complementary to the reader’s (and Fa’Luffy’s) experience. From this point on, we’ll see how it goes!

Be sure to look out for a Fa’Luffy Review in the not too distant future!

Have you played a game, watched a movie, or read a book that you think Fa’Luffy would enjoy reviewing? If so send through your suggestions via the form below. If the Fa’Luffy finds it interesting, the Fa’Luffy will put up a review!


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In short - Creative extraordinaire, warrior princess, dragon-lover, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and most assuredly and proudly peculiar!
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