A Dose of Book Memes and Writing Tips

Well, look who’s finally decided to update the blog with something new. I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve put up a post here on Whims from Valadae. But be assured, I have not been idle. Very soon the next PROLOGUE COMIC will be added to the site, so keep an eye out for it!

In addition, I have been working on a Companion Guide for Kin Seeker, which will include maps, fables, creature profiles, and all of the prologue comics–including the yet-to-be-inked fourth comic. I have also recently gotten the manuscript of my second book back from my editor (Yay!). So over the next couple of months I’ll be chipping away at making the suggested polishes, while I continue to work on the Companion Guide.

So, who is excited for BOOK TWO??? The story progresses in leaps and bounds in the second installment, upping the stakes for our dragon-seeker even more than he anticipates. You’ll be reunited with characters from the first book, and will meet many new and fascinating individuals, including getting your first proper peek at the primary antagonist (cue Doom Music)! Anyone hoping for a late 2014 release of Book Two? I’ll try my best, but I may be pushing my luck–what with working on the Companion Guide as well. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. Only time will tell!

So, while I’m busy with all that extra writing and drawing stuff, I figured I’d put up a few book memes and links of recent writing blogs and inspirations I’ve stumbled across. I love following the blogs of other writers/ readers. Not only do I get fresh insight into the knowledge and minds of other creative souls, but I remain updated and advised on all things literary. I encourage you to check out the links below. There’s some great stuff there!

TIPS FOR DATING A WRITER – sourced from Buzz Feed, here are 10 tips on dating one of us creative crazies, and not go crazy yourself (much). 😉

And how about some essential writing tips for, well, writers! A recent post from my editor’s blog, on the difference between A TAG AND A BEAT. Good to know!

And here is Rebecca Dickson’s amusing post on CRAP SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU WRITERS BY NOW. It’s funny and gold, because it’s true.

And Nick Stockton hits the nail right on the head with this Wired blog post on WHAT’S UP WITH THAT: WHY IT’S SO HARD TO CATCH YOUR OWN TYPOS. Again, great insight into another aspect of the writing world we writers deal with on a daily basis. *sigh*

And finally, here are some book memes. Because you can never get enough of memes.

The craving symptoms can be identical!

The craving symptoms can be identical!


Thank you friends, for putting up with me.

Thank you friends, for putting up with me.


I always get emotionally involved. Always.

I always get emotionally involved. Always.


Hahaha ... yep.

Hahaha … yep.


Keep on keeping on fellow adventurers and creative hearts! Never let anyone tell you you can’t reach your dreams, and that includes yourself.


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