Greeting fellow dragon-seekers and lovers of all things fantastical!

Fun news for today––it’s the first KIN SEEKER GIVEAWAY!

There are 5 eBook copies of Kin Seeker ready to be given as gifts via Smashwords, and 10 eBook copies ready to be gifted via email in their PDF formats.

Giveaway pic (1024x911)SO, the question is: who would like a free book?

The only requirement in receiving a free copy of KIN SEEKER, is that you agree to give the book an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon (the US, UK and AU sites––pretty please with chocolate sprinkles on top?), and for those who receive the Smashwords Gift Edition, a review on Smashwords, too.

REVIEWS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Reviews help other readers gauge whether or not a book will be to their literary taste, and worth their time to read (no matter the rating), and positive reviews help boost a book’s ratings (and the author’s Happiness Bar 🙂 ). Honest reviews are always the best, and more importantly, if you dislike elements of a book, constructive criticism is the way to go (a 1 star rating with no explanation as to why, does not help anyone).

If you receive a copy of Kin Seeker and, for whatever reason, do not like it, please be specific in your reasons.

And if you get a copy and like it––yay! I have done my job and given you a fun escape from reality, and some new fictional friends to cheer on.

So, if you love reading fantasy (more specifically Middle Grade traditional fantasy, full of adventure, mystery and mythical creatures), and are curious about a story whose primary protagonist is a dragon, then Kin Seeker is a great find for you!

Cover Art Kin Seeker Text 2 (853x1280)


First off, head on over to the Dragon Calling Facebook Page.

Then, leave a message stating your name, email address, and why you would like a free copy of Kin Seeker, via the message tab (so no typing your details directly onto the Timeline, please). ALSO, please indicate which eBook version of Kin Seeker you would like (PDF or Smashwords Gift). First in gets first pickings! The Smashwords Gift allows for multiple digital versions, including EPUB and mobi, while the standard PDF is just that: the PDF version.

NOTE: There are only 5 Smashwords Gift versions up for grabs, so once they’re gone, you’ll have to opt for a PDF version.

Once the 5 Smashwords Gifts and 10 PDFs have been assigned to people, I’ll put up a message on the Facebook page, letting everyone know the giveaways have all been assigned to their chosen readers. If multiple requests come in at once and the number exceeds 15, I’ll be happy to extend the giveaway to accommodate the next 5 places.


And hey, if you haven’t yet, check out the newest PROLOGUE COMIC, and read about Norf’s antics leading up to his encounter with Laeka’Draeon.

Norf Comic Cover 1 (853x1280)










Enjoy the giveaway fellow adventurers and dragon-lovers!


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