Kin Seeker Companion Guide, NOW AVAILABLE!


The first of the fantastic Dragon Calling Companion Guides has been released and is now available for purchase!

Companion Guide Front Cover (711x1024)

My vision behind the CGs is to capture and expand on the world-building within the Dragon Calling universe, in the form of illustrations, maps, comics, profiles, and historic tales. Creatures and places discovered in each of the novels are given additional spotlight, giving readers better understanding of the world of Valadae without all those extra details and information being dumped into the story itself (and turning it into a bog).

Naturally, not everything glimpsed or hinted at in Kin Seeker can appear in the Companion Guide, either due to potential spoilers, or creatures/ characters being assigned a place in the next CG instead. But rest assured, there is plenty to learn and discover in these Guides, and heaps of illustrations for your visual enjoyment.

Want to learn more about Valadilian satyrs? The Companion Guide has the answers!

Want to learn more about Valadilian satyrs? The Companion Guide has the answers!

PLUS, the Prologue Comics have been added to the Guide, too! Plans for the next set of comics are underway, but that’s still quite a while off yet, so let’s not jump the gun.

Even Cab and Taijorn have a profile page!

Even Cab and Taijorn have a profile page!

Obviously, this being an actual Companion Guide for the first book in the series, I must recommend that you read the first book, Kin Seeker, first, in order to get the most out of this Guide. Trust me, things will make a lot more sense if you do it in that order. ๐Ÿ˜‰

All right, so question time!

How Big is the Guide?
Dimensions are 7×10 inches. There are 108 pages of awesome, and over 50 illustrations (and that’s not including the Prologue Comics)!

How much is it?
ApproximatelyUS $20, and at the moment it’s only available in paperback.

Where can I purchase it?
You can find it in many online bookstores, including:
And I’m pretty sure dozens of others, but their stock/ new book updates are slower than the ‘Big Guys’ Amazon and B&N, so I’ll be adding links over the next few weeks as the book appears on different sites.

ALSO: For local Aussies, I’ve recently ordered in 10 copies of the Companion Guide as my first ‘mini’ launch batch. If you’d like to purchase one of those copies (which I’ll sign, of course), you can order it via HERE!

ALSO, ALSO: If you’re an avid supporter of brick and mortar stores, you are more than welcome to order a copy of the guide direct through your local bookstore. In fact, I highly encourage it! They may not stock the book when you go in and ask for it, but they can order it in for you. And they have no excuse not to, for you the customer, and for me, the author. The books are distributed by Ingram, which distributes all over the world. So ask away at your local bookstore! It will help your local community, plus help get my books onto more shelves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And there you have it, fellow dragon-seekers. If you’ve read Kin Seeker, there’s no better time to delve further into the adventure and grab a copy of the Companion Guide! It’ll be worth adding to your fantasy collection. ๐Ÿ™‚


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