Ghinzel – The Misadventures of a Fellis

And here we are again, with ANOTHER Prologue Comic!

This time the cheerful and eager-to-please apprentice magician, Ghinzel, gets his turn in comic form. This is the third Prologue Comic that will be a part of the soon-to-be-published The Beacon Thrones Companion Guide.

You can check out all the other available Prologue Comics HERE.

Otherwise, now is the perfect time to check out the mischief and mayhem Ghinzel created leading up to his run-in with Laeka’Draeon and his companions! To read the comic, just click on the image of Ghinzel below.


Alternatively, if you wish to show additional support toward my works, my first two books, Kin Seeker and The Beacon Thrones have their book covers entered into a fun little Cover Comp over at AuthorsDB.

You don’t need to sign in or join the site to vote, so if you have a spare minute of two, and wish to show your admiration of my cover designs ;), then I’d appreciate your vote. You can vote for either cover (whichever is your favourite), or both!

Also, there are many other great covers entered into the comp. If one stands out to you, show your support and vote for it! 🙂 This small act of kindness won’t take too much of your time and those who worked hard on the designs will be chuffed.

Just click on the cover images below and you will be taken to the Comp Page, where you can just scroll down and hit the “Vote” button. Simple! 🙂

Cover Art Kin Seeker Text 2 (853x1280)     Cover Art Beacon Thrones 3

Thanks dragon-seekers!
Keep being amazing!


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