The Wall-watcher – Prologue Comic VI

*Drum Roll* Here is it, the FINAL Character Prologue Comic for The Beacon Thrones Companion Guide.

This one is a little different than the others, as it follows one of the strangest secondary characters you meet in the book: the wall-watcher.

I hope you enjoy reading this bonus content on a very peculiar Valadilian creature, and if you do, I hope you take the opportunity to get yourself a copy of The Beacon Thrones Companion Guide, when it gets published. Not only will it have this comic in it, alongside the comics of Shifra and Ghinzel, but it will also contain additional content on the wall-watchers, which you can read about in the Tales of Valadae chapter of the Guide.

You can find all the available Prologue Comics HERE:

Anyhow, you’re here for the latest comic, so I will stop prattling and let you get clicking.



On a different note, I’ve moved my Dragon Plushie Project from Kickstarter (since the time limit has come and gone) onto GoFundMe. It would make me so happy if you took a moment to have a look at the project, and if you want to help fund it, do so. I promise it will be worth it! The plushie is amazing (19×12 inches, super soft velboa fabric, generous stuffing, embroidered features, and wired wings)! I spent almost three months working with the team at CustomToysUK to get the design just right, and it has paid off.


Now it’s just a matter of getting the funds to send the plushie through to production. I hope you can help! I’d like to think of any pledges as a sort of pre-order; after all, however long it takes, I am determined this plushie will get made, and those who pledge for one, will get one. 🙂

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In short - Creative extraordinaire, warrior princess, dragon-lover, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and most assuredly and proudly peculiar!
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