Prowling the Prose – Collective Nouns: Fantasy Edition

“All is one and one is all. The world is all … and I am that one.” – FMA

Goodness, it was about time I made my way back to this blog! My prowlings have taken me to many a yonder place, but of course I felt compelled to return and give you scrawny web wanderers some invaluable insight from the vaults of my fabulous mind.

Poor little dears. Always inundated with all sorts of nonsense on this thing called “internet”. Like flies in a spider’s sticky trap. So careful now, and keep your wits about you.

At least you know your delicate little senses are safe on this blog, and especially with me, the Whimsical Werecat.

whim werecat lying down pose

Today I bring you a special treat! You all know what collective nouns are, right? If not, the standard description is: a noun that appears singular in form but denotes a group of persons, creatures, or objects. They are the nouns used when describing a collection/ group of related things.

Some you may know off the top of your head, like a pack of dogs, a herd of horses, a pride of lions, an audience of listeners, a pod of peas, a string of pearls, a tribe of natives, a troupe of acrobats, or a team of athletes.

Some may be a little less familiar, like a gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, a colony of fungi, an ambush of tigers, a flock of tourists, a coalition of cheetahs, or a parliament of owls.

There are also multiple collective nouns assigned to the same grouping, like a mob/ troop of kangaroos, a conspiracy/ unkindness of ravens, a cluster/ galaxy of stars, a colony/ horde/ mischief/ swarm of rats, a nest/ swarm/ bike of hornets, or a pack/ rout of wolves.

In other words, there are a lot of collective nouns. Many of which people do not use in regular conversations, or even written descriptions. Nevertheless, they are both fun and interesting to learn about.

So today I have with me a collection of collective nouns, and not just any old boring list … a list of VALADILIAN collective nouns! That’s right, I have gone and put together some of the official “group names” of some of Valadae’s most well-known creatures.

Enjoy being informed, and learning something new.




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